It's 9am. I feel like shit. I'm sick and I'm sleepy and I want to go home. Did I mention that it's only 9am? I looked excitedly at the clock a few seconds ago, thinking a whole chuck of day had passed and it's only 9 friggen' AM!

I feel ill inspired to do anything productive, actually I just feel ill. And for those that know me - despite popular belief, no, it's not the hangover kind of ill, even though I did go out last night (har!) I've got a sore throat and stuffy nose and I'm feeling kind of drowsy, so there are symptoms. I read somewhere in some personality test that I was susceptible to flus - which is believable because I get them pretty dern often. There is some kind of flu virus spreading around at the moment and I think it might have sunk it's leacherous claws on to my poor defenseless immune system. Exercise usually helps, so I went to the gym yesterday, tired myself NEAR TO DEATH, and didn't feel better. Then somehow, I forget my twisted justification but I was suddenly convinced that if anything could make me feel better it would be a ... drink, just one maybe. Sure, just one. Ok, maybe another one, you know, for my health's sake. Needless to say, I did A LOT for my health last night. And I wonder why I feel ill today? Must be that flu.

Commonwealth Games
I watched the Opening Ceremony for the Commonwealth games on Tuesday night and my impression - it was bloody spectacular! The lights and dancing and fireworks and music and all... my unexposed Samoan senses were truly in awe. Definetely a (or 9000) notch up from the 2 firecrackers that went off here for the 2000 Millenium Celebrations that's for sure. There must have been a crazy amount of preparation for it. My sister is at the games with a bunch of friends of mine that are representing Samoa in Netball. I saw them march in with the other Samoan atheletes in the blue uniforms. As is typical, all were smiling proudly while furiously fighting for camera space. Today is their first game against Singapore! Good Luck Girls! and Good Luck Team Samoa!

Last night at Bad Billys, while my friend J and I were having fun showing this die hard chick where to stick it with her dance moves (I swear she thought she was on MTV or something) I caught a glimpse on the TV that the Samoa Rugby Sevens team were playing South Africa and immediately abandoned the cause (Sorry J you're on your own) to fight for a front row seat of the game. We lost 12 - 10, even though South Africa lost two of their players for part of the second half... utterly disappointing considering South Africa were beaten by TONGA! Tonga! Who only just started playing Sevens yesterday! Geeez.

Time check: Only 9.26am... F*ck. *Yaaaawn* *Cough*

Faleoo debacle
I noticed on the local news earlier this week that SBC One News reported a story on an article on faleoo.co.nz, a website that writes satirical New Zealand/ Samoa news items) They write funny satirical stuff and I happen to know the guys that write it so I link them to my page, see, up there. The reporters pointed out a mock memo on the site that was signed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand (so OBVIOUSLY a Paint job) that suggested that New Zealand sell the Tokelau Islands to Samoa for NZD$1. SBC One went and got a statement from the NZ High Commission regarding the website. . . It's Satire people, borrow someones dictionary and look it up. It's called a joke. You know... ha ha ha, chus gidding, kala ula. It even spells out explicitly on the website "This news site is not to be mistaken for real news." I had to laugh at the stupidity of the imbeciles, I mean they are the National News Crew fer crying out loud! What a poor reflection of the intelligence of the media and Samoans in general. Most of all - what a laugh! The next day, there was more on the story, this time they dug up another story about the Samoan Police force employing the services of an Elite Dog Squad from Solosolo and a weapon called the Brain Lima Intergalactic Missile in their fight against crime. And this is where it gets really ridiculous, they interviewed the Minister for Police and asked the visiting New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, for comments. I sat laughing and saying quite loudly (hoping one of the reporters would hear me) Are you serious??? Last night, I excitedly waited patiently for the news and was quite disappointed that there was nothing further on the faleoo debacle as I've fondly named it. Obviously, someone was kind enough to lend them a dictionary or a sense of humour. I just noticed today that they've added a cute little note to SBC News. "We made this up" Nice and simple, I guess it had to be.

I'm suddenly glad all I have is a flu and a slight tendency to drink . At least I can be cured.


supasta said…
oi shole...
drink some more and shake dat bootilicious den dat flu will leave u alone....lol..
man i cant believe da blimmin 7s team lost..ova a se kaea o le ofuvae a gai mea...

oh well..im out

take it easy wit dat flu
Shark Girl said…
go to yer fockin trials and stop bein such a baby! heehee. I make a mean chicken soup.

Bloody hell that Lave dude seriously needs to GO. AWAY. TO REAL JOURNALISM SCHOOL. No one in their right mind would take faleoo seriously. I'm suprised he didn't pick up the one about the PM turning the ferry back for his pet cat. And LOL @ Faleoo bidding to buy SBC because "the work of their investigative joke reporting division has impressed us." Ahahaha.

Who was the girl at BB's last nite? Apart from Roger?
fotu of samoa said…
Yea, Lave needs someone to lave him across the head with a hard object! They might even feature that on the news! heh.

As for the chick at Billy's last night. Some chick - so obviously from overseas - she was wearing a bohemian looking dress and she was busting her moves like she was in Missy E clip! Which is all good - (dreams are free...ha!) But THEN when me and Jaye were dancing, she rocked on harder like she was tryna compete with us. lol. I was like, "Oh negro please! you just DID NOT..." Hence the dance-off! Which was hilarious and ended up with her storming off ... lol "Who are you muli pu?! This is MY turf, take your pretty bo-ho dress and go back to Otara." Harrr... You should have seen us last night! Se ua ua ova. hahaha.
Twas all in good fun!

It's a wonder I'm sick. Wanna make me some chiggen soup?
Shark Girl said…
LOL @ the bohemian chick. With the halter neck..blue with a belt? and those flat shoes? i think i remember now. damnit i wish i saw that. lol...must be from safaatoa, lefaga and went to nz last week and came back no spiken samoan no moa.

sure i'll go grab a packet of chicken soup from Lucky's and drop it off to ya. heh.
Lotopa said…
Must be a slow (ahem-stupid) news day in Samoa. Talofa e.