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The REAL stars at Sione's Wedding.

Self explanatory post title.

Groupie flicks

There's a couple more in my flickr account.

Sione's Wedding Premiere

Last night some friends and I went to the movie premiere of the film dubbed the first Pacific Island feature length film, Sione's Wedding. Hyped as an event not to miss, there were expectations and excitement leading up to it. Here are some of my thoughts about impressions about the event.

The movie
I don't pretend to be a movie reviewer but as a Samoan, I have decided that my opinion on this here film about a band of Samoan brothers might count for something, that and hey it's my blog and this place, besides my own mind is about the only place where what I say, goes! So I'll take it where I got it. Anyways, where was I? Oh right, the movie.

This movie I thought on a scale of 1 to 10 would rate about a 6.5. I thought the story was nothing particularly special compared to the other romantic comedy Hollywood stuff. There was no complicated plot lines or tackling of difficult issues a la Brokeback Mountain, at the crux of the story were the eternal themes of Friendship and…

Confessions of a guilty conscience

I have a confession to make. Now just typing that sentence alone is a monumental effort for me. Normally, when the words "I" and "confess" are used in the same sentence I would just shut my stupid trap, bury it in a conveneint place in my brain called "Stuff to forget" and take it to the grave with me, or at least to some drunken episode of truth or dare when I'm 65 year old raging alcoholic reminising the good old days. Today I have decided to confess my sins to the world. I have decided that it is time to put my shady ways behind me and be a bigger person or was it just that I am consumed with guilt and am haunted by nightmares? I can't remember which it was.

So here it goes, a confession of my sins:

1. The other day I ran over a puppy. I'm still trying to come to terms with the magnitude of what that means. *Deep breath*....I'm... a.... PUPPY KILLER! *Bursts in to tears* It was an accident. I honestly didn't see him. I was driving slo…

boetic plogging

Some emotionally charged deep thought. My favourite way to start a Monday morning.

Randomly Mad

Friends. True Friendship? Is that a eutopian concept
That exists only in the minds of idealists like me?
Who am I to judge you? I know this much is true.
Yet still my anger boils like a frothing sodium bicarbonate volcano.
Not yet erupted but roosting, heating underneath my smile.
Betrayal. Am I capable of the act? I claim virtue and honesty
And I ridicule those foolish enough to flaunt their flaws.
Yet does my virtue increase, or am I really preaching to myself
Because my flaws are just better concealed.

Never fulfilled. An insatiable appetite for challenge.
No perfect workplace, no perfect boss, no perfect job.
Are my expectations too much? Am I too 'educated' in the capitalist ways of the white man?
A foolish perfectionist amidst the chaotic madness that is reality?
Am I ungrateful for wanting more? Or am I a fool For staying in a complacent job.
Or am I just impatient? After all, I …


It's 9am. I feel like shit. I'm sick and I'm sleepy and I want to go home. Did I mention that it's only 9am? I looked excitedly at the clock a few seconds ago, thinking a whole chuck of day had passed and it's only 9 friggen' AM!

I feel ill inspired to do anything productive, actually I just feel ill. And for those that know me - despite popular belief, no, it's not the hangover kind of ill, even though I did go out last night (har!) I've got a sore throat and stuffy nose and I'm feeling kind of drowsy, so there are symptoms. I read somewhere in some personality test that I was susceptible to flus - which is believable because I get them pretty dern often. There is some kind of flu virus spreading around at the moment and I think it might have sunk it's leacherous claws on to my poor defenseless immune system. Exercise usually helps, so I went to the gym yesterday, tired myself NEAR TO DEATH, and didn't feel better. Then somehow, I forget …

begoz i livid in a preddiful gountry

I was going through my extremely large photo collection and I found these flicks of Savaii that I took in about May of last year when I was jobless and aimless and had little better to do than to try be a little 'arty' with my photography. They prove three things:
1) That I had some unexplained fixation with skies/ clouds at that stage in my life. Aimless I said. The clarity of my mother's common scold "Get your head out of them clouds Fotu!" has just become apparent to me.
2) That I'm not a bad photographer AT ALL. Maybe even an "ahr-ty" one.
3) That I do indeed live in paradise, because even my bad photography or weird cloud fixation couldn't ruin these flicks.


On March 1st 2006, SPREP launched their Year of the Sea Turtle Campaign (YOST), and this post is me paying homeage to YOST. Now I’m not a devout environmentalist or anything of the sort, but as an islander, you are raised in such beautiful natural surroundings that we all have an affinity with nature and it’s offerings. No, I was not Ocean girl who was best friends with the mermaids and got dolphin rides to school. But growing up on an island, swimming daily in clear blue green lagoons was a part of my normal day. I don’t ever recall not knowing how to swim; and I remember as a four year old, getting the biggest hidings for sneaking off to swim when I should have been sleeping on a Sunday afternoon. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the sea and it’s creatures paint the settings and the cast the feature many of my early childhood memories. Of course I no longer swim daily but the ocean will forever hold a place of importance and comfort in my heart.

In addition to this, the turtle…

My uncle got shot.

I was debating with myself for a second what I should call this post...then I decided to just give it straight.

Unlucky but lucky.
In the weekend, my Dad's oldest brother was shot, while at a family meeting, at Falealupo in Savaii. The shooting took place at about 12.30pm, my Uncle was sitting inside a fale (open house) at a meeting of family chiefs when a single shot was fired from a distance from the surrounding bush. The shooter was not seen or found. According to witnesses (who told people, who told people, who told me) my Uncle was mid speech and his head was moving as he gestured during his speech when the shot was fired. Luckily, the bullet skidded the side of a post that my uncle was leaning against and shattered into pieces which scattered themselves all over the right side of my Uncle's face and the back of his head. Luckier still, none of the bullet pieces are lodged too deeply in his head and none of them has damaged his brain or spine. My other Uncle, who is an ex…