Wingin' it.

I kind of have nothing important or particularly funny to discuss with myself right now but I have this compelling desire to just write down what I'm thinking which is a lot about nothing, so I'm just going to wing it and see where I end up.

So I'm bored at work. Work. Work. Frankly - it's getting boring, I think I'll need some new challenges pretty soon. Talked to someone today that said they might have a job offer for me soon, it sounds exciting. Opportunity waits for no man, or woman for that matter - no matter how nice her shoes. I'm not holding out for it, but I'll have to keep my eye on that one see if it's right for me. I'm starting to get a better idea out of what I want in terms of career. Still not absolutely sure what I want, but I have a better indication of it now then I did six months ago, which is progress. I no longer feel as though I don't know what I'm doing. That's not to say I know it all, to a great extent, I'm still winging it and hoping it flys. It's weird when I was studying IT, so many of my colleagues were interested in studying and researching topics related to "mobile", but it didn't really interest me at the time. I think it was because it wasn't a very pertinent issue in my country at the time. I obviously lacked the foresight to realise then that it soon would become a big thing in the Pacific, but the fact that I am here now and it's all happening, well my interest has been ignited. Better a little late then never, as they say.

I've gotten a much better feel for what working in general and working in a corporate environment is like. The power dynamics in a big firm are delicate and intricate. Survival has as much to do with how well liked you are and how long you've been around as it is to do with how good you are at your job. I had a conversation with this guy by the photocopier today. He's recently moved departments and he was telling me how sales have increased since he's joined the team. I laughed and said "Well that's good, it shows you're doing your job." His response made me think. "Then why do other people get the credit?" he said. I cracked some comment about how it's just the way things go here, because well, come to think of it... that's the truth. If there's any stark realisations I've had while I'm here, it that I no longer think that stealing other people's work (or thunder) and pushing and shoving were things that stopped in the kindergarten playground. I've also realised, that many people are not as intelligent as you think they are, including yourself.

Speaking of not being as smart as you think you are, I'm currently reading this book that is waaay too intelligent for me. Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. Thoroughly interesting, the bits of it that I can understand anyway. All the physics just bewilder's me but I'm getting that the gist of it, I think. It's all bit dense but I'm still reading for reasons, aside from the physics. Something described in the book that I find fascinating is Stephen Hawkings life. A crippling disease with his brilliant mind intact. Imagine the courage he must have to keep going. I read a passage last night about how he's dragging himself up the stairs and noone is helping him. Automatically my heart melts at the thought of someone able-bodied looking on to someone that has almost lost complete control of his limbs dragging himself up the stairs but it's all just part of life to him. Something else that strikes me about him, is that he doesn't lose his sense of humour. He also says that he never would have applied himself the same way if he had never been sick. I guess it's true then that it sometimes takes a great tragedy to bring out the greatness in people.

Well, I ain't Stephen Hawking, so with my career, plans, dreams, life... I'll just have to keep on wingin' it and hopeit flys before I get too tired.


Shark Girl said…
Girl at least you're on track! You're going places and you know how to get there. I see you going far girl. You've got the talent, the brains and the drive.

Meanwhile, I'M the one who's wingin' it. I have no clue of which direction I am heading but it doesn't look good. One day, I tell myself, one day I will get my shiz together and move forward in this life - workwise. Actually I have an inkling of what I want but am just too darn lazy. Heh.

Take care of yourself girl. You're a DIVA no matter what!

Luv luv...
Shark Girl said…
and LOL I just noticed your "who are you, muli pu?" Is that directed at Henry? har har.
fotu of samoa said…
Fanks for the comments Nyds, speshly the one about me being a diva! LOL.

Just letting out all my early life crisis bullshit on here. Nothing to take too seriously. I just try not to get too comfortable thinking I'll "make it" coz for sure that's when something will bite me in the ass.. ha! But yurr, I guess we all wing it and hope for the best. :o)

And as for "Who are you muli pu?" hehehe... It's just something I can't stop saying that seems appropriate, dontcha think? tehehe. Stuff on here changes with my moods, which is pretty often.