More love than I can stomach.

My least articulate description of Valentines Day: It's like Friday 13th, except today isn't Friday and it's not the 13th. And everything else is like, same same but different. You know?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So today is Valentines Day! I can't say I was terribly excited about that fact yesterday, and now that we're crack in the middle of it my enthusiasm hasn't budged. Not even accidentally, if anything, it has waned. A day that celebrates "love", in principle is good thing. (lightbulb moment). But anyone with even a single drop of cynical blood in their veins can see that it's all become such a commercial thing. I'd bet the people at Hallmark are rolling around in their rooms full of cash and smoking cigars while they give each other high fives and snigger "Hehehe Suckers!" Consequently, the tight arsed part of me (which is a big part of me) refuses to get sucked into the commercial vacuum.

Good old Love Day. Just what a single girl needs. A day that celebrates the fact that she is single. Unattached. Without a spouse or partner. Might possibly die alone. LOL. . . . I know this well enough without having couples cooing and drooling all over each other shoved in my face.

I've just had a stark revelation! This entire post so far can be translated into five words. I am cheap. And single. LOL. So sue me. it's not too far off the truth. Haha.

Just for the record, I have no issues with my singledom status. Other's shouldn't either. I've had an instance here at work where someone came in wearing their relationship like a badge of honour shoved up their ass and told me his Valentines plans. When I cracked that "I might get drunk on cheap wine or something... " as a joke. He looked at me sympathetically and said "Awww... it's ok, you'll find someone." Are you feeling the love? I laughed (at his ignorance) and explained to the neanderthall that I was happily single and in no hurry to change that. Still, he looked at me with pity in his eyes, the ignorant fool. My knee-jerk reaction was to stab him in the eyes with my pens. But I resisted the urge. See! I do know what love is!

Marriage, family, love, I'm cool with it. I'm human, I need it too. But when your email inbox is flooded with more hearts then a cardiac surgeon could handle, and the entire Marketing team at your firm is wearing a specially made red Valentines uniform, and when the fact that you're single causes people to have pity on you... It's like someone pumped perfume and teddy bears into an Nuclear bomb and chucked in on my day. And THAT is not love. That's just. . . Arson?


Shark Girl said…
omg @ your specially made Valentine's uniform. You can't be serious! What gets me about this day is that it's not even part of our culture. Whoever heard of Valentine's when we were kids? Or cared even. Granted we have Christmas and all that, but it's a "Christian" holiday and is Samoa not founded on God? But Valentine's? No one said anything about Samoa being founded on a bunch of red roses and chocolates.

As you said, ALL COMMERCIAL bullshit. We're not stupid and naive enough to get sucked in. SO...cheers to getting totally trashed on cocktails on Tuesday. hehe.

ching ching baby!
fotu of samoa said…
Wurrd girl!

The uniform - only MARKETING was wearing a Uniform . . . which again proves that Valentines is about $$$.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed working through the cocktail specials on Tuesday! They had some good ones at Lagoon.

Check us being all anti coz it's commercial and then enjoying the cocktails specials out that night! hahaha!

Ching Ching!!
Lotopa said…
You know what's not cool about V-day. Having someone who says "We'll celebrate this weekend" and then doesn't. Let's not even bring up the subject if nothing is going to be done about it-UGHHH, boys are stupid! but I still like him-dammit!