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a "vague" Sevens funny moment.

This past weekend was the Marist Sevens tournament. I love rugby (boys) and Sevens (players) so I jumped at the chance to work in the company's Corporate tent for the final day of the event. The weather held up, the rugby was good, the beer was flowing and the crowd was happy. I was disappointed that Marist won, yet again in a gripping final against SCOPA (they've won about 14 of the total 18 tournaments..come ON!), but overall I would rate the day as fun and exciting.

The night promised to be a big one, so after enough free drinks to sedate a small hippo, the single ladies got glammed, glossed and stiletto'ed before hitting the town to scope out the rugby "talent." The whole night was a bit of a loud blur after the 8th vodka or so but I had a funny encounter with one of the rugby players that night.

I have a vague recollection of dancing with aforementioned rugby boy. Now I use the term "vague" rather loosely where it could mean vague as in 'barely r…

Wingin' it.

I kind of have nothing important or particularly funny to discuss with myself right now but I have this compelling desire to just write down what I'm thinking which is a lot about nothing, so I'm just going to wing it and see where I end up.

So I'm bored at work. Work. Work. Frankly - it's getting boring, I think I'll need some new challenges pretty soon. Talked to someone today that said they might have a job offer for me soon, it sounds exciting. Opportunity waits for no man, or woman for that matter - no matter how nice her shoes. I'm not holding out for it, but I'll have to keep my eye on that one see if it's right for me. I'm starting to get a better idea out of what I want in terms of career. Still not absolutely sure what I want, but I have a better indication of it now then I did six months ago, which is progress. I no longer feel as though I don't know what I'm doing. That's not to say I know it all, to a great extent, I'm st…

I might be dead before I finish this.

So I had a merry little weekend, grand old time that involved family, friends, alcohol and karaoke. Walked into work with a smile on my face. I sat down at my desk this morning and my smile was quickly reduced to a look of disgust and utter grossed-out-ness after being caught offguard by an extreeemely overwhelmingly BAD SMELL. I swear, it smells like there is an invisible dead dog carcass on my keyboard. The stench is unbelievable! To put into perspective how bad this is, it is now 3.30pm and I am using my shirt as an oxygen mask. I have scoured my work area, underneath my desk, and I cannot find the decaying body stashed around here somewhere. I have even looked suspiciously around at my colleagues to guess which one has forgotten their morning spritz of Rexona. I am contemplating whether or not to send out an email informing people that I "just happened to have some find some extra Rexona here peeps. Left it in the bathroom if anybody wants it." Much to my dismay, I have…

A good lunch.

I just had lunch with some old school friends. I'm talking way back old school as in we-went-to-primary-school-and-we-thought-Nick-Carter-of-the-Backstreet-Boys-was-hot old school friends. We've all been living in different cities for the past couple of years and we've all moved around a bit and are doing different things with our lives. Despite that we haven't seen each other in a long time and our lives have all moved down different paths, when we met up today, it was just like old times. There was no awkwardness or weirdness due to time elapsed, nor was there any harbouring of hard feelings that any of us hadn't made time for each other. We just enjoyed a nice meal and picked up where we left off in the school bus.

It's interesting to ponder how much life has changed for us all in the last ten years since school days. Not that we were all the same in school but being in the same school, everyone was kind of on equal footing. Years down the line, after riding …

More love than I can stomach.

My least articulate description of Valentines Day: It's like Friday 13th, except today isn't Friday and it's not the 13th. And everything else is like, same same but different. You know?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So today is Valentines Day! I can't say I was terribly excited about that fact yesterday, and now that we're crack in the middle of it my enthusiasm hasn't budged. Not even accidentally, if anything, it has waned. A day that celebrates "love", in principle is good thing. (lightbulb moment). But anyone with even a single drop of cynical blood in their veins can see that it's all become such a commercial thing. I'd bet the people at Hallmark are rolling around in their rooms full of cash and smoking cigars while they give each other high fives and snigger "Hehehe Suckers!" Consequently, the tight arsed part of me (which is a big part of me) refuses to get sucked into the commercial vacuum.

Good old Love Day. Just what a single girl…

You are getting sleeeepy. . .

You know when you have dreams that you can't make any sense of? ... There is no logic, no time line, no reason, it's all very... weird. Maybe? But then it gets really weird, like the characters in your dreams are people you don’t even know or people you’ve only met once and you’re in randomly weird situations, that you would never EVER do in real life. And you wake up asking yourself What the hell was that about? Or worse, WHAT am I doing hanging out HER? No? Well… um, (defensively) me neither. But let’s um, pretend that I do, but I don’t of course, this is all just hypothetical. And I just might have had several of these in the last week. Which I didn’t of course, coz that would mean I’m way more weird than I already am, so of course we’re pretending here. So these pretend dreams of mine. They are nothing like each other, each with it’s own completely different cast of characters and completely different situations, but all equally as obscure.

Dream 1.
I’m driving like a maniac…

I blame those damn Mallow Puffs.

People that know me know that I love my food. Not in a totally-ignorant-of-obesity sort of way, but pretty close. It's got something to do with the fact that I'm Samoan and a Samoan without an appetite gives the rest of us a bad name. Just the other day, friends and I drove through floods to go to McD's. Yep, a little rain (or a brewing cyclone) wasn't gonna come between this hungry girl and her Big Mac.

This morning, however, I have totally outdone myself. Oh. My. God. My appetite can not be sated. I'm having one of those days when you're hungry for something but you're not quite sure what it is, so you eat what you think you want but nothing you eat "hits the spot." So even though you're past looking like your normal self, the need to eat that exact food just overcomes you and you just can't do anything about it. Gotta keep ... eating. Gonna die. Need food. I'm only slightly exagerrating when I say - I went on a food killing spree and…

IRB Wellington Sevens

It's Friday Morning ...

There are few moments that I actually miss being a student. (if you don't count every time I'm feeling frustrated at work - which is every second day of my life... but let's pretend I love my job... yep, pretending real hard right now...) Today, more than many other days I'd gladly sacrifice sitting in my air-con office going through the motions of my utterly rewarding job for the books and the budget-less student life. Although there must have been moments of joy scattered in around there somewhere, the harrowing effects of hostel food and three day hangovers – have me in no hurry to return. Yes, the student life, when alcohol tolerance and stress levels were high, and loose change and excuses for assignment extensions were running desperately low. The sole reason I would be willing to momentarily put myself through that torture again is that at the moment in Wellington, it's SEVENS WEEKEND!!!

The two day seven a side rugby tournament set…