Moody Monday

Warning: Yes, this is another rant.

I don't know why but Mondays always bring out the moody monster in me. You know the moody monster, the grumpy, disrespectful, bitchy part of me that I have no problem expressing when I'm at home in a locked room alone or too intoxicated to care or in situations that clearly warrants a bitchslap or the like. The moody monster that, in the general maintenance of my day to day life, I have learnt not to flaunt unnecessarily, because frankly - it gets me nowhere.

Imagine my horror that its ugly head surfaces every Monday morning. And, I'm at work where I actually have to interact with people that I have to be nice to because 1) they have some unexplained (whether genuine or not) interest in being my friend or 2) because they are my boss or workmate whom have influence over the state of my bank balance and therefore ability to buy stilettos. The best thing about this whole weekly bout of psychotic outburst is that there is no reason for it other than it's the day after Sunday and the day before Tuesday.

Today, is no exception. This lovely morning, I was sitting here at my desk, making no sudden movements minding my own damn business when I get called in for a meeting. I'm asked to provide an update for the last two months with half an hours notice! Normally, I'd go in pretend to listen, make a few vague, barely constructive comments, eat the platter of sandwiches and draw pictures for the duration of the meeting. Today, it being moody Monday, I had to suck the blood on my lip when really all I wanted to do was listen to the little voice in me that wanted to stamp a sign on my forehead that read: "bite me asshole."

Yes, you are.

Update - It's been two hours since I wrote above:

Had an overly rich seafood marinara pasta for lunch. I feel like I will be reduced to a vat of curdled milk soon. On the upside, the bleeding in my lip has stopped and I have less of an impulse to maliciously jump on anything that moves... yes, the Monday moods have somewhat subsided. What is the miraculous cure, curiousity might beg? Was it the mussels or white wine cheese sauce? Was the food at Lighthouse Lounge fresh for a change, or god forbid, arrive within an hour of ordering? Did I lunch with a psychiatrist specialising in unexplained personality disorders? No, the answer was like me - much more simple and cheap. Two words: Free Food.


Nydia said…
LOL @ your free food...hell that's enough to ease even the worst of moods. Girl I LOVE your blogs...*sigh* wish I could write like you. Believe me my entries are like dirt on the soles of those stilletoes compared to your writing. I jus gant beliv id!!
fotu of samoa said…
Hey Nydz!

Thanks for stopping by and for saying nice things about my blog. lol. I, in turn love your writing right back. Seriously girl - straight shootin', bad mouthin', shit stirrin', sarcasm oozin', loud laughin' baby momma! That's you girl. All my admiration and undivided attention to your page man.. haha. I seriously think you should have a devoted site, but that's only if you have as little of a life as I do to constantly update and such.. either way. You should keep it up. Even if you ain't shit stirrin.. you should write, coz you do it gooood!

Lotopa said…
I know the Monday blues feeling. I got crapped on at work. Went to dinner who someone it turns out I now don't like & my ex-boyfriend decided to surprise me by driving 3 hrs to spend my birthday (yes, it was my birthday) with me without letting me know so at first I was mad but then I just felt guilty. Did I mention it was my frickin' birthday! Oh yeah, and the guy that I am dating FORGOT it was my birthday and didn't even bother to call. I should have written all this on my own blog!
t!@ said…
I SECOND Nydia's comment!lol. Love your blogs boo...and Nydz, what would we do without your funny as shit-stirrin entries?hehehe. You should seriously start a blog...that way whoever wants to comment can post back!hahaha...on second thought...;)

Anyway, keep on doin' what ur doin' bored-outta-our-heads people need to read stuff like this to get through the day!hahaha.
fotu of samoa said…
lotopa girl,

Your account of the Monday blues sounds CRAZY! Damn girl, I'm so sorry it was your birthday too!! I'm not sure I would have survived such an onslaught so good on you for at least living to tell the tale.

Hope the days are gettin' better!

Shark Girl said…
lol @ tia...yeah and where the hell did your blog go...fiu e sue!

My shit-stirrin' entries? Well I've run out of shit to stir, so to speak so pleeeeez give me some ideas!
t!@ said…
hahaha! Ia gale ua koe public la'u profile! I changed my url address tho. Ia e leai a se magaia...mostly photos now...and some random boring posts. Got tired of googl-ing new words everytime I wanted to write something up! Thanks H!ha!