Happy New Year?

Upon reflecting on the year that has been and gone, 2005, I have come to the conclusion that it has indeed been a good year. Probably, one of my best so far. One marked by notable achievement, new experiences, as well as one of fresh challenges and testing times.
I've decided to put down a list of good and not so good things I've done this year... Not so good - so I can mull in my misery for a bit, before I build my bridge and good, to remind me that actually, there was some good.

Three good things that happened this year.

1. Perhaps the most memorable moment of this year (by my parents standards anyway) was that I graduated from University, with Honours. At this stage the only thing that graduating with Honours has afforded me, is being able to say that "I graduated with Honours" and that if I ever decide to enter the realm of academia, I can place HON next to my name. Still, I consider it an achievement.
2. Getting my first real job. Going through the whole interview process, the nervous settling in process, the process of learning how to do my job, the process of learning shortcuts. Wait no, I take that back, the process of learning how to be more efficient. The process for acquiring stationary and the process for applying for leave. I learned that the corporate environment is as much about processes as it is about progress, almost more so even.
3. I took some chances and learned a few lessons the hard way. I fell in love.

Three not so good things that happened this year.

1. I fooled myself into thinking - I was in love. Was I really? I doubt it.
2. I spent my first paycheck like nobody's business. And then my second, and my third... I was hopeless with my money. No savings, or even a savings plan to show for a year of hard work. It's a pity really. One I almost feel guilty admitting.
3. I partied and drank like a wild young thang! Not that that was never there before I just always had an excuse to not do it so much before. Always, I was a poor student that couldn't afford it and had assignments to do, my parents wouldn't have it as long as I was living under their roof... This year, what barriers there were, seemed no longer around. No parents, no student worries, not even a conscience to stop me. As a result, my health has been in a bit of a shoddy state. Weight gain, then loss after a stark moment of panic followed by continuous vigourous workouts at the gym.

I don't regret any of the partying and spending - nope, they were good times. I just perhaps, threw myself at it with a bit too much vigour then I needed to. Or could afford to for that matter. Wallet wise and health wise.

I kept it to three things or else we'd have been here all day listing foolish things. Now, I guess the hard part comes. New Years resolutions. I've never really been big on new years resolutions. My self analysis tells me that this avoidance of New Years Resolutions stems from my perverse aversion of anything remotely resembling a solid promise or plan. I always say you never know when circumstances change or when opportunities arise that might derail any original plans you have so it pays to keep things fluid - but I think the truth is this. I'm just afraid of having any plan where I might actually have to follow through because it presents the opportunity for me to... *gulp* fail. So putting that proud piece of honest information to heart, I shall make some guideline resolutions for the new year. These shall be reviewed in a years time. All the personal stuff that comes up every year and seldom gets fulfilled like, to be less of a sarcastic bitch and go to church more... goes without saying. Let's not get too optimistic now. Hehe. Let's just keep it to things we can control and measure this year. So, in that spirit...

Three guideline resolutions for the new year.

1. To manage my money better. Start a savings plan. So I can stop lying to my Dad about having a savings plan. To have something to show for it, after working and earning through out the year.
2. To travel, or at least - have travel PLANS!
3. Find some future career direction. Decide what I want from my career. What industry do I see myself working in, in the future? Is further study an option I want to pursue soon? What sort of role do I see myself in? What are my areas of interest within the industry? And most importantly, what's my plan of action to get where I want to get?

HAPPY 2006!


Lotopa said…
Happy New Year!
fotu of samoa said…
Happy New Year right back!