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Simi's Story

"Peter! PETER! Help, my baby brother can't breathe! He's going to die!" cried Tupe in panic as she ran frantically through their empty garage towards the neighbours house in the pouring rain.

My aunt holding her coughing son, holding him tight and shaking him as if by some miracle it would unblock his airway. Two year old Simi lay gasping for air. His little limbs literally kicking for his life. His mother looked on in helpless horror as she saw the colour leave her sons body as he started to turn blue and the strength in his kicks becoming less and less. She cried out louder in panic as tears streamed down her face watching the life leave her son. As if by divine intervention - a moment of clarity amidst the chaos - she blocked his nose with her hand and instinctively started performing CPR on her child. On her third breath, the child's body kicked back to life and he inhaled a deep sharp breath, almost too late.

Once he had regained consciousness, she scooped up …

Talking myself through my last minute dillema.

So I'm sitting here my fingers trembling, fingernails tapping nervously, as I try to hit the send button. I've spent a good part of the last month compiling my references, digging up old transcripts and writing self serving essays about myself for this application. And here I sit on the eve of sending it and I'm suddenly attacked by doubts.

My boss doesn't know about this, and I know she'd kick a bitchfit if she found out. Not that I have her interests ahead of my own, but I am not one to just disregard the fact that she took me under her wing and showed me the ropes here. That she placed a lot of faith in me, that I have learnt alot from her, a lot to learn from her still. She's been upfront with me from the start. I told her I intended to stay at least 2-3 years before considering leaving for study again. It's been less than a year. Surely she deserves to at least know my plans, even if I am doing so knowing she disapproves. Am I really doing the right thi…

Kim Chi Noodle Doodle

Today, as it so often is in my posts, is yet another dragging day at the office. I've just had lunch. Kim Chi Noodles in the office.. yet again.

My staple diet.

I locked myself into this confined little space between board room and the kitchen. Kind of like an incidental room that nobody intended to put there but just kind of ended up being there. You could probably only fit about 5 people standing next to each other inside and there is just a small table, a chair and a large window. I set my bowl of steaming noodles on the table, sit and sigh deeply at nothing. The walls feel like their closing in but I don't mind. It's like reverse claustrophobia, I find the confined space morbidly comforting.

My calves feel like tightened rope. I somehow got it in to my head yesterday that a ten lap run was a good idea. Stupid stupid girl is me. I take a sip of the hot steaming soup and let the hotness burn my tongue, and for a moment I forget the agony in my legs. It's raining outside…

Moody Monday

Warning: Yes, this is another rant.

I don't know why but Mondays always bring out the moody monster in me. You know the moody monster, the grumpy, disrespectful, bitchy part of me that I have no problem expressing when I'm at home in a locked room alone or too intoxicated to care or in situations that clearly warrants a bitchslap or the like. The moody monster that, in the general maintenance of my day to day life, I have learnt not to flaunt unnecessarily, because frankly - it gets me nowhere.

Imagine my horror that its ugly head surfaces every Monday morning. And, I'm at work where I actually have to interact with people that I have to be nice to because 1) they have some unexplained (whether genuine or not) interest in being my friend or 2) because they are my boss or workmate whom have influence over the state of my bank balance and therefore ability to buy stilettos. The best thing about this whole weekly bout of psychotic outburst is that there is no reason for it othe…

Today 22 years ago...

...a star was born. Yes, the world has never been the same since. Ha!

My usually quiet morning was interrupted with the constant beeping of my phone and influx of Happy Birthday calls and emails from friends and family wishing me a happy one. An unnecessary kerffufle I say but still, I'm not above enjoying a little special attention. It's nice to know people give a tizz, despite what a horrid person I am. Aside from the slight flurry of activity that was this morning, it was work as usual today. A rather quiet day at the office, which I can't really complain about. As far as birthday formalities go, I had a lovely lunch with some close friends and at some stage later this week, we will probably use my coming of age as an excuse to sufficiently intoxicate ourselves far beyond that stage deemed proper of the future leaders of our nation. I also had a small family dinner with some prayers to express thanks and seek blessing for my life ahead. [Good Lord PLEASE help this girl!]

Cyclone Season

Cyclone season in Samoa is from December to April every year, so it's that time of year. We've been hit and we've been missed and we've had a few close calls, it's always a waiting game. A waiting, hoping and praying game. This year, is no exception. Tropical Cyclone Tam is forming to the north west of Samoa and moving away from us. According to Asia Pacific Disaster Alerts Cyclone Tam:

is a weak cyclone and moving quite quickly, damage is not likely to be too significant. Sounds reassuring but cyclones are known for their unpredictability and here's a big nasty flick of the bugger for dramatic effect.

Satellite pic of Tropical Cyclone Tam, taken yesterday. All the red and yellow bits is wind activity, the more red the faster the wind gusts. And the circled islands - well, thats us.

According to one of my friends that works at Department of Meteorology:

Tropical cyclone Urmil developed at 3am and was named at 10am…

It's not funny anymore.

To whomever is stealing pens from my desk,

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to steal or do you simply choose to ignore the whole Law thing altogether? Perhaps you get some perverse pleasure out of seeing the frustration on my face when I come to work and whisper every expletive under the sun as I rummage around looking for my phantom pens every morning, I don't know! But seriously - this love affair you're having with the scent of my hands on my stationary is becoming downright ridiculous. I mean, not only are you wasting my precious time and causing me to lose my hair in my early twenties, but the delivery guy at the stationary shops are finding my weekly order for pens rather energy spending. I would wish upon you the most painful, prolonged death by torture with every pen you ever stole from me, but you might actually enjoy that. So, in the nicest way possible - STOP IT YOU THIEVING BASTARD!!

With contempt,

Peeved and Penless.


Random pondering of what lies ahead.

Something I've been thinking about doing is going back to pursue further study. (I know, I can't believe I just said that either) So in the past few weeks I've written my application essays for a scholarship to study for my Masters overseas and sent it off to someone for comments, which I'll take into account before sending off my application before the end of this month. I was unsure about whether I would apply for it, and came up with various, surprisingly plausible excuses not to. Plausible excuse 1) Developments in my job were progressing nicely - I'd want to stick around for that. Plausible excuse 2) There were local opportunities to travel being involved in sport -something I'd already sacrificed for three years while I was at Uni. Not-so-plausible-but-sounds-pretty-good-so-I'll-add-it-in-anyway excuse) I haven't really served my country for that long since I've been back - I should probably stay longer.

While I was away, I consulted my all-kno…

In the words of Loreal

Today is my Mom's 44th birthday... I'd write a full blown tribute poem like I did for Dad's birthday but right now, I can't be bothered... hence I won't. Not to take anything away from Mom, it's just right now, I'm so bloated and tired that I can barely recite poetry let alone write it.

So Mom turned 44 today. Hehe. She's exactly twice my age because I turn 22 in two weeks. It's weird thinking about what my Mom was doing at my age. At my age, 22 years ago, my Mom had dropped out of college to elope with my Dad and she would have been giving birth to me in two weeks time. Quite a story really, one that I don't have the energy to tell well and one I probably shouldn't plaster all over the internet anyway. But I will say, putting myself in her shoes, it's scary to even think about it. It must have been quite the steep learning curve, but I guess such is life and it's circumstances - unpredictable, and knowing my Mom - she doesn't mop…

cheapskate movie reviews

So I've been watching a lot of movies/ DVDs since I got here. I've seen more flicks in the past three weeks than in the whole of last year, actually, probably in the whole of the last two years. And the experience has been.. varied. I'm not even going to TRY and be a great reviewer but I guess the point of this post is that I've seen a quite a few movies lately. Yeh.

I really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I read the book, I almost didn't make it to the end of this book and I sure as hell didn't make it to the end of the fifth book, but I really enjoyed this movie. It's a tribute to the crafty and intelligent imagination of J. K. Rowling to have created a magical world in such wonderfully matching meticulous detail.

I also surprisingly enjoyed The exorcism of Emily Rose. I say surprisingly because when I'm in a rational frame of mind, I would rather throw myself out of a moving vehicle than watch a horror film. Not that I scare easy when it…

Happy New Year?

Upon reflecting on the year that has been and gone, 2005, I have come to the conclusion that it has indeed been a good year. Probably, one of my best so far. One marked by notable achievement, new experiences, as well as one of fresh challenges and testing times.
I've decided to put down a list of good and not so good things I've done this year... Not so good - so I can mull in my misery for a bit, before I build my bridge and good, to remind me that actually, there was some good.

Three good things that happened this year.

1. Perhaps the most memorable moment of this year (by my parents standards anyway) was that I graduated from University, with Honours. At this stage the only thing that graduating with Honours has afforded me, is being able to say that "I graduated with Honours" and that if I ever decide to enter the realm of academia, I can place HON next to my name. Still, I consider it an achievement.
2. Getting my first real job. Going through the whole interview p…