Last leaving thoughts

In true blue Fotu fashion. I am not even nearly ready to leave tomorrow. I have not packed, I have not picked up my passport or confirmed my visa, I still have shitloads to finish here at work.. heck I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and I'm coming in for a half day tomorrow! I've only just booked the second leg of my travel about 5 minutes ago online. And Christmas shopping that I'm supposed to do before I leave remains on the mile long "To Do" list.Teehehe. Anyways... I ain't even worried about - it will all ready and done in time. Some people call it slack, I call it "living life on the edge".. riight. haha.

I can wait to see my family. My kid sis and I have crossed paths a few times this year but my brothers, I've seen them about twice a year for 1/2 week periods for the last 3 years... Gawd. It's like I hope I still know them well. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 17. When I turned 18, I went to Uni and have been doing my own thing since... I love the freedom and independence and as a result I'm a pretty self contained unit, not entirely of course but I like to think I can handle my own. I worry, and my parents are constantly telling me that I'm getting too detached from them. They are happy for me to make my own decisions which I know is not a privelege every twenty-some year old Samoan girl gets, but it's no reason for me to forget who got me here in the first place. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this (lol) but I think the point is - it will be good to spend some quality time with the parents and the family. Long overdue and I'll be sure to savour every second until someone gets someone elses panties up in a twist... which, knowing the power dynamics in my house (everybody wants to be somebody) will be sooner rather than later. . haha. Well, I'm looking forward to it, pillow fights, power struggles and all.

I just had a GLORIOUS breakfast with two of my favourite people, in light of the fact that I am leaving tomorrow for three weeks. I'm excited about leaving but it's dawned on me that I'm not spending Christmas at home... AGAIN. No island Christmas, I won't recognise all the faces at Church, at the family gathering, out on the town and out and about. *Sigh* It will be merry, because I'll be spending it with my family whom I love very much and whom I don't nearly see enough of. But I still feel an unexplained pang of sadness. Ah... enough of my self centered rant ... get HONEST Fotu. You'll just miss the parties.

My favourite part about Christmas... Christmas LIGHTS!


daPUNAFULone said…
awww some good ol quality time with the family! nothing better than family time..esp during xmas.
I'm going to Samoa after Xmas, so lookin' forward to havin' a blast the Island party way! Should be awesome.

ps. You've got an awesome blog and you write really well!
Lotopa said…
Don't worry, I'll do enough partying for the both of us.
supasta said…
aaawww....sad u not gonna be home....oh least dea is someone other dan me..shoots...heheh..hey gurl....
SamoaTel...faamuamua le
luv ya
Chitney said…
Ok I know you're probably gone by now Fotu, but I'm finally spending some time online again (though I'm still very very busy). I just saw this posting and wanted to wish you a very Merry Xmas and a safe & fun trip to NZ!!

See you back in a few weeks...I'll be on holiday as well starting next weekend.

Big hugs,
fotu of samoa said…
lotopa you'd better girl! Party Party Party!

Jen Yea, not home again this Christmas but its all good. In Auckland at the mo' and it's been really good! Hope you're having fun over in Aloha land!

Chit girl Thanks for swinging by... hoping your Christmas season is Merry too!