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in relax mode

So I've touched base in New Zealand... and my absence on here has not been because I've died of sadness at missing parties at home nor have I been run over by stampeding sheep or anything of that nature. The simple answer (and unfortunately its not that I've discover a life.. ha!) is that I've been totally relaxed and in holiday mode feeling like I need not expend my precious energy on anything that does not directly result in improving my relaxation experience. hehe.. . Not that blogging is some kind of chore for me, rather, if I had to choose between blogging and enjoying boost juice, sushi or a manicure (as I have) its not a hard choice.
Some random highlights of my time here so far...

I spent 5 days in Wellington with some school buddies of mine. Caught up and had loads of fun, sleep, cocktails, lunches and manicures. It's amazing how you spend time with people and then you're apart for an extended period of time and when you see them again it feels just like…

Last leaving thoughts

In true blue Fotu fashion. I am not even nearly ready to leave tomorrow. I have not packed, I have not picked up my passport or confirmed my visa, I still have shitloads to finish here at work.. heck I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and I'm coming in for a half day tomorrow! I've only just booked the second leg of my travel about 5 minutes ago online. And Christmas shopping that I'm supposed to do before I leave remains on the mile long "To Do" list.Teehehe. Anyways... I ain't even worried about - it will all ready and done in time. Some people call it slack, I call it "living life on the edge".. riight. haha.

I can wait to see my family. My kid sis and I have crossed paths a few times this year but my brothers, I've seen them about twice a year for 1/2 week periods for the last 3 years... Gawd. It's like I hope I still know them well. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 17. When I turned 18, I went to Uni and have been doing my…

WHERE is my Christmas Spirit?

I've just booked and paid for my flights to spend Christmas with my family in New Zealand. I wish I could say it was a steal and I managed to save heaps of money but being the disorganised procrastinator I am, I'm lucky to even be on the plane. hehe. But as slack as I am, I managed to get the whole thing organised in one day. Yesterday I wasn't going and today, I am. Booked and paid for. Why plan a month in advance when it takes all of one day to sort it out. Anyways, excuses aside, I leave next week. So here I am sitting here at my desk (looking like I'm deep in thought about work related stuff.. but really) and I'm browsing my calender after a rough morning chasing bank statements and travel documents around town when it hit me... it's De-fucking-Cember... it's the end of yet another tumultuous year of me being me. which to be frank, is pretty darn exhausting. Not only that but it's Christmas in THREE weeks. No disrespect to Jesus or anything but Holy…

Cindy Lauper got it right...

My sister left in the weekend after spending just under a month here... We had a ball to say the least. Just some flicks of our last weekend here doin' what we do best... and no that ain't karaoke to Cindy Lauper.. that's livin' the damn song:

Girls just wanna have FUN!

Sisters in crime. :)
Me and Fili Sexy Mama.

My two favourite dorks, being... dorks.

Me and Hen at our Yellow themed Hurricanes Touch Team party.

ok, I was TRYING to center this shot.

we definetely take after Dad's side of the family. Definetely.

see you at the bottom!

Ninjas in the night

a TAD too close up of the chicas

I like this flick. This is the BEFORE flick.

wardrobe change 5... haha.

segzy oyes

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About the blog.

Faikakalain Samoan literally means: to create lots of talk. It refers to people who seek out and share stories about others. If my blog title was in English it would be "Gossipmonger".I started this blog some 5 years ago for pretty much the same reasons I am still writing in it today - because I like to write. I bitch (a lot). I write for fun. I document things I want to remember. I reflect. I discuss. I get poetic. I vent. It's by far the longest diary I've ever kept. There is no greater purpose here beyond my own space to say whatever the heck I want, when I want to.I write primarily for me but if someone else gets a laugh out of it, well, I'm one good deed closer to heaven aren't I?By the same token, if I offend you, don't over-estimate your importance in my life and think I did it intentionally.The blog has lived through several bouts of identity crisis throughout the years. I started the blog under …