Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Daddy's birthday. My Dad, is the coolest Dad in the whole world. No joke. I mean this with every core of my being when I say I wish, I could be just like him.

Dear Dad.

Every good thing in my life, I started out doing for you.
Only to realise later that you do did that for me.
I've never showed my appreciation enough.
And you've never complained about it.

The compassion and laughter after a bad day at school.
The stern voice after a mistake or wrong doing.
The calm listening ear and sound advice.
The hugs on demand and space when I needed it.

With you I always feel loved.
I always feel believed in.
I sometimes think that your faith in me is misplaced.
But I'm too afraid to disappoint you to not try.

In the end that's all you want. For me to try.
And no matter what I do I know you're proud of me.
And it makes me smile because I feel so lucky.
I'm so blessed to have you as my Dad. Thank You.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Love your daughter.


t!@ said…
Happy Birthday Daddy!hehe...How old IS Dad today? Well love to him and the rest of the family when you call to wish him happy birthday! :)
fotu of samoa said…
Thanks boo... Me and Ids called him yesterday as it was yesterday in NZ. He's all - "Thanks, ia ok fa." He's a man of few words ain't he. And he's 47 years OLD... We had a drink for him last night too... ya know, it had to be done! teehehe.

t!@ said…
Ah...excuses EXCUSES!lol!

So ummm...someone say sundowners??? ;) hehe.
supasta said…
wadup sista...
dang...u everywea...lol...yah rite..look whos talking aye..anyways...jst wanted to drop in to say...DRINK ALOT FOR ME AITE....shet..im not coming home for xmas...darn it..but its all good..u drink for me and ill drink for u..hehe..
luv luv sis
fotu of samoa said…

I'm everywhere... girl - that's YOU! haha...

Anyways, thanks for postin' up here. Good to hear from you.

Hope you're having a Merry Festive Season!