flower power

This past Friday was Arbor Day here in Samoa. Everyone gets a day off work and grows trees! Now I'm not the keenest gardener but I'm all for saving the environment. That and I felt like offloading some of these pics I've taken. SO, this post is for Arbor Day. Can you TELL I'm lacking inspiration? HAHA!

A sei is the Samoan name given for a flower worn over the ear. It is the island "accesory" if you like. It is common knowledge that if you wear it on your right ear you are married and on the left if you're single. Some people view it as a kind of way to pick up or as a self promotion thing (lol!) but I prefer to think that you wear it on the left until you EARN the right to wear it on the right... of course many people totally disregard this old adage altogether and wear it however they like. hehe.. Well, I LOVE wearing seis and wear one just about every day. It's one of those things that I'll exert a bit of effort to get a good one. How much effort? I can't believe it now but I'll admit that I have walked through a graveyard, climbed a tree in high heels and trespassed to get "that perfect sei".. haha. Here are some flicks of some of the seis that I regularly steal..er.. borrow from other family's hedges. Hahaha..

Plumeria or Pua
I love this flower, it smells sweet and grows every where.

It's white and simple - and prrrreddy.

Quite the photographer aren't I? hehe..

Red Pua

There are some amazing combination of colours.


Another common favourite.

I have hedges and hedges of it outside my house.

Pink Hibiscus.


This one withers quite easily and is commonly found in yellow.

Lani and her red hibiscus sei.

TOTAL cuteness!

While I'm on the whole "nature" theme...
(and still wanting to offload more pics)

shells on the sidewalk


Here's a baby papaya tree.

Keep it green people, keep it green!


Chitney said…
Ooh SEIS!!!! SO PRETTY!!! I love your decoding of the sei symbolism. Very good to know for foreigners! Aww Lani is sooo cute. And that flower just rocks. I love the hibiscus--in my obsessive phase last year, I did a painting of one that's hanging on our wall. :) Yeah...dreary winters will do that to people here, hehe.

Anyway, awesome pics, thanks for sharing, and Happy Arbor Day!!!

fotu of samoa said…
LOL @ your obsessive phase with the hibiscus.. and yes girl, blame the dreary winter. haha..

And yup I'm shamelessly in love with seis.