Dealing with a broken heart

When someone is reckless with our most precious organ - our hearts - there is a choice in how to face it.

You could get all mad angry black woman - kick his ass to the curb, show him the door and move on because people like him don't deserve half a chance with people like you. You could ostracise him from your life and be bitter at him because he doesn't deserve the time of day from you after what he put you through. You could be a complete bitch to him - scream at him and tell people how he knowingly hurt your feelings and how he strung you along and mislead you by using those three little words before he cast you aside and went back to his unsuspecting girlfriend. You could get angry and scream and bitch and feel good about letting out the hurt and the anger and giving him a piece of what he deserves, to be mistreated. Then you could stand tall and walk away proud being the beautiful independent woman that you are and never let any man put you through that again.

That's one option.


You could deal with the pain, and then get over it. You could say that this is not about giving him what he deserves but about giving yourself what you deserve and that is piece of mind and Closure. You could decide that even though what he did to you was selfish and hurtful, while you might never trust him like that again, you can forgive him (in time) and accept that his heart belongs to someone else. If his heart is with someone else, who are you to stand in the way of that? If you were so true with your love for him - then you can truly be happy for him to go and be happy. You can hold on to your own heart and save it for someone who is deserving of your love and willing to love you right and give you the love you deserve. You can save the drama and salvage your friendship, if it is genuine. You can learn from this experience and become better and stronger because of it. The pain will not go away overnight, but eventually your heart will mend and you'll look back on this experience and smile.

Or you could always turn to therapy, a hitman or voodoo or something... LOL.

Life and love is full of choices and lessons. You don't always make the right choices but don't lose the lessons.


Anonymous said…
although your second option is the best way to handle a broken heart, I'm more inclined to go for the first one...aint no better satisfaction than to kick someone to the curb for messing with fire!
Keep on Keepin' on gal, there is a knight in shining armour out there ready to save this damsel in distress!
Chitney said…
Um, Fotu...are you okay? Is this a personal account or a message to a friend? Because if it's about you, then I'm shipping fuckin' hitmen from the T-dot to KICK HIS ASS (Option A). I WISH I could be more like B...but...sometimes you just gotta love the hate. ;)

Ok so, before I ramble on, let me know what's up. *hugs*

fotu of samoa said…
Girl, before you break the bank with freight fees - I'm fine k 8) lol. Appreciate the thought though ;)

I too love the hate. I swear, I am the friend that will gasoline his car while you torch it! But I think it's so much easier to just say you love the hate when you don't actually hate, you only hurt.

Anyways, consider it a hypothetical, just some thoughts on a rainy afternoon.

Chitney said…
Okay, I'll go with the "hypothetical" for now...but if and when it turns real, the mofo's going DOWN. ;)

You're right though about the hate actually being hurt (so insightful, as usual!). It can really make things ugly. It takes an amazingly tolerant person to not let negative emotions turn into vengeance. Then again, it's easy to remain passive! It takes a truly brilliant mind to concoct creative and successful acts of vengeance, heheheeheheeeee. (Okay I'm half-kidding. It's just the Scorpio in me talking!)
fotu of samoa said…
lol @ the mofo goin' down!... ok so going with the hypothetical.

It's easier to be tolerant when you knew from the start that there was always a chance things wouldn't work out how you wanted - but it doesn't hurt any less. If you are truly the innocent victim that got shafted - then creative and successful acts of vengeance are FULLY warranted! lol. But I do believe though that like you said there is a difference between being passive and being tolerant. You could tell yourself that you're just being tolerant - but you'd only be kidding yourself. That's why it's so important not only to be honest to yourself - but to have friends that will intoxicate you, talk shit with you and knock some friggen sense into you when you're not seeing it how it is.... AMEN!

lol @ your Scorpio mind... can you tell I'm the practical Capricorn? hehe
t!@ said…
lol @ "friends that will intoxicate you, talk shit with you and knock some friggen sense into you"! hey SOMEBODY'S gotta do it!har har har! Hypothetically of course!lol!
fotu of samoa said…
LOL t!@... hell yes SOMEBODY has to do it. I know that (hypothetically of course) you'd do it for me and you'd better know without a doubt that I'd pull back your hair and pour the vodka down your throat biartch! hahaha.. and its ONLY coz I love you! haha.


Chitney said…
LOL @ you girls. What are friends for, if not to use alcohol to get you over a bad hypothetical situation! And well said (above), Fotu! Very Capricornish indeed.

Take care of yourself,'re awesome.

fotu of samoa said…
Thank you Chit girl!

Chitney said…
Always Fotu, always. ;)