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Shameful Self Promotion

Today, in an act of defiance against my employer for handing me copius amounts of work and no overtime I decided to screw around online for a while during work (like THAT doesn't happen every day! haha) Anyways, so I found myself on ChooHoo! and I ended up posting the following in a thread called Up Close that asks you to post a profile about yourself. Teehe. So, in my act of defiance I was at it with a passion and ended up writing a novel. Anyone that can spend an hour writing about themselves deserves at the very least to be published more than once (haha) so it therefore deserves a spot in my blog. Anyways - it's all about ME! so unless you've got the tolerance of the man who drinks a bottle of tequila a day - leave now.


Topic: I'm doing this...
Topic description: to spite my employer... ha!
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Talofa ChooHoo!
Firstly - props to this site - I'm lovin' it! despite that I'm not a very active member on here (teehe) I've had an inter…

Time Out!

Dammit my desk is MESS!!! I am not an anal clean freak - but I have these flashes of domesticity where I suddenly can't stand mess and have to go and clean everything that has a speck that even slightly resembles dirt. Right now is not one of those but usually my desk is presentable enough so the mess still irks me a bit. Why the warzone? Sweet Jesus, could it be because for a darn change I'm actually DOING SOME WORK! Ha!
Anyways... I just felt like taking a quick second from my cluttered-ness to just breathe and ramble a few words about nothing. *Deep breath* I wish I had something inspiring or witty to talk about other than my messy desk but hey I'm just not in the mood so I'm not about break my neck trying for anyone. lol. I just need a time out from this crazy busy world of disarray I'm in.

Pointless meetings
endless chain of command
How many more documents
and spreadsheets
can I stand?

self inflicted
I ask myself WHY?
Well, how else am I
going to f…

My bitchfest for the day.

So I arrived into work this morning, got me a giant glass of water, locked into Star FM and sat down to check my emails just like I do every day. I check my work email, GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, hi5 profile and MySpace... yes, it's quite a job, and I clearly need a life but hey it's fun, so I do it. Anyways, I got this gem of an email from some random guy asking for my hand in marriage. lol.

I'm sure many people have received emails from random people asking them to be their friend. Especially on "friend" websites such as MySpace and hi5. It just never ceases to surprise me how some people email you asking you for more than friendship. Sometimes, most of the time - I'll just laugh it off, think "what a crazy world" delete it and never spare a second thought to it. Like the time I got an email from a guy in prison complete with a mailing address to Madison Correctional Institution and a mugshot of the guy! lol.

Anyways - there's those times and then t…

Dealing with a broken heart

When someone is reckless with our most precious organ - our hearts - there is a choice in how to face it.

You could get all mad angry black woman - kick his ass to the curb, show him the door and move on because people like him don't deserve half a chance with people like you. You could ostracise him from your life and be bitter at him because he doesn't deserve the time of day from you after what he put you through. You could be a complete bitch to him - scream at him and tell people how he knowingly hurt your feelings and how he strung you along and mislead you by using those three little words before he cast you aside and went back to his unsuspecting girlfriend. You could get angry and scream and bitch and feel good about letting out the hurt and the anger and giving him a piece of what he deserves, to be mistreated. Then you could stand tall and walk away proud being the beautiful independent woman that you are and never let any man put you through that again.

That's on…

White Sunday

Sunday 10th of October was White Sunday here in Samoa. It's an annual day in honour and celebration of children. Now it's very much a Christian celebration, much like Christmas. Children get new threads, they get to eat first at the big feasts (normally adults eat first) and the major event of the day is definetely the Church service that is lead by... the children. Church Sunday Schools and Youth Groups practice and rehearse months in advance for it. The slacker I am, I stopped participating some years ago. But this being my first White Sunday back home in 3 years, I had to smile and remember how exciting and fun it was as a kid having a whole day and everything in it devoted to you just being a kid. Here is my neice Noelani at her White Sunday this year.

Posing before Church.

That mischievous look on her face... hehe.

Throwing herself into the actions of her their little class song.

Raising her dress while they're reciting their little verses... haha.

Singing and clapping …

My niece Noelani

Isn't she just gawwwwwjus!

Lani and Lama

it's a forsaken namesake, for god's sake.

My name is a family name, it's my grandmothers name. Now it's not very original of them but most of my dad's siblings (there's twelve of them) have a daughter named after their mother. Ok, it's the complete antithesis of original then. haha. But, probably because I grew up with it, it never seemed that strange to me. I mean, besides having to put up with a bit of confusion at family reunions, it's never been ridiculously bad or funny. Yesterday though, I had a funny conversation that made me realise how absurdly funny it is to have twenty people with the same name in the same family. I called up one of my cousins with the same name(Fotu 1) to ask her for a favour, and my other cousin (Fotu 2) who works with my first cousin (Fotu 1) answered the phone and we had the following dialogue:

Fotu 2: "Vaai & Vaai, Talofa"

Me: *recognising Fotu 2's voice* "Hi, Fotu is that you?"

Fotu 2: "Yes this is Fotu, how can I help you?"

Me: "…

Money doesn't grow on trees. Or does it?

Seldom does my Google Alert for "Samoa" spew up anything other than very-NOT-interesting stuff on Samoa Joe (not interested), stuff on Samoa as a holiday destination (yea, I live here) or stuff I already know in the news (*snore*). Then imagine my pleasant surprise when today, this interesting article comes up.

Coconut oil as substitute for diesel?Saturday October 8 2005 00:00


WELLINGTON: Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for diesel fuel, two engineering students in New Zealand claimed on Friday.Dominic Schwalger of Samoa and Penaia Rogoiumari of Fiji demonstrated their research and showed a diesel engine running on pure coconut oil at Auckland University's faculty of engineering, where they are finishing mechanical degrees.They said that coconut oil was already being used in a blend with diesel, but their research showed it could be a substitute and produced by a simple process, unlike some bio-fuels that require complex equipment and chemical reactions."…

Seeing Numbers

What I see when I blink.

Ok, I've been looking at Excel spreadsheets for TOO damn long. I'm starting to see numbers walking amongst people in the crowd and numbers floating amongst the clouds when I'm looking outside after I finally tore my zonked eyes away from the wretched excel worksheet on my computer screen. I seriously need to look at something else because I'm starting to not see my mistakes, hence here I am /blogging talking shit again. teehe. This seeing numbers predicament though, it makes me wonder, how???, after I'd avoided all things numerical right throughout Uni (my first step to selecting majors for my degrees was to eliminate all those that involved Math or Stats) how then, did I end up in a job where one of my primary roles is running the billing and calculating monthly estimates of international revenue. Ugh. Not that I can't do it... I just have more fun with words, ya know, I can bullshit better. Ha! Anyways, I guess, it's a good thing f…

awakening the closet karaoke star in me.

So we have this little radio here at work, usually I shove my earphones on because I hate the station playing. Recently we've been tuning into Star FM, formerly known as K-Roq, and I have to say, I am totally devoted! Unfortunately, Samoa being the primitive-still-in-last-century place it is technology-wise... there's only a SEVERELY outdated website and sure as hell no online stream but seriously... THIS is where it's at. Old school grooves mostly, ya know Whitney before Bobby, Mariah before the boob job, Blessed Union of Soul, Lionel Richie, John Mayer, Janet Jackson, Jack Johnson, Brandy in her heyday!... all that good stuff. It's probably just a novelty thing that will wear off soon, but this is definitely the most fun I've had at work since that time we had an all day work function where the red wine and h'ourderves were freely flowing.

Now, I admit I've done karaoke TWICE and I sing in the car and in the shower when the mood strikes (haha) but thats mu…

at the bar

I know this might be viewed as shameless self-promotion by some... but hey, it's my site - if I wanna post pics of me picking my nose (though I doubt you'll get that lucky..ha!), I damn well shall! Anyways... this was this past weekend, in Savaii. After a hard days work - here's my favourite way to unwind... me at the bar knocking back a few gin and tonics with a whole lemon squeezed in it! mmmm.. Bliss.
Notice the transition between bartenders,

the incline in lemons in my drink...
and my face as I get slightly less camera shy and slightly more...
Drunk! :)

Budget self reflections

On the job.
So I've been in the big island of Savaii since Wednesday this week. I came over for work so I've been working around the island for the last two days. I came to check how well one of our services has been working here. The verdict? It almost doesn't work at all! Technically, we're not providing the support required. So I'll return to Upolu and write a damning report that will kick all those punks into action. Haha. Ok, enough save the world dramatic daydream. But I'm surprised that it's this bad. It would explain why revenues are down for this service. Which needs to be fixed so that revenues can bounce back and I can fulfil my work targets and ultimately, yes there is a great reason for all this... ultimately... I get my BONUS!! LOL.

Rainy silence.
Finished work yesterday and today, I was supposed to return back to the other island, Upolu (where I live and work) but decided that I was going to stay for at least one more night with my family here a…