Pring it on Evil! I bunch yo face!

Amidst the uprise against the Monarch in Tonga ...there is still reason to smile. This is a flick taken from the Tongan Protest March currently being held against the Tongan Monarch...

This is what happens when you skimp on Education and pay for the Annual Royal Holiday to the Swiss Alps. Now I'm certain that whoever was responsible for this sign and claimed it was by a Samoan *points below*was also DEFINETELY Tongan...

Ok, ok.. enough Tongan thrashin' for one afternoon... Hehe. I seriously do support their cause though. Power to the people, I say. Equality for all. I just suppose the weapon of choice won't be a Spelling Bee Showdown huh? Didn't fink so.


Chitney said…
"This is what happens when you skimp on Education and pay for the Annual Royal Holiday to the Swiss Alps." Well said!!! Power to the people fo' sure! Thanks for exposing this...I had no idea it was going on, being over here in the ignorant West (media control ain't just for the commies!).
fotu of samoa said…
Yea, unless you're in it or from it... you probably won't hear much current news about the South Pacific via CNN. And if you do, it's probably incorrect! I once watched this documentary about Samoa on BBC with TERRIBLE commentary about the people and the place. Not terrible as in bad, but terrible as in FALSE!

Anyways, Thanks for your comments girl!

Chitney said…
Omg, BBC was that bad? UGH! I'm so disappointed. Usually BBC as a news service is a little less biased than the US stations. I'm not sure how accurate their documentaries are, but from the sounds of it, they're pretty misinformed! I hate when information is presented through a condescending Western lens. I once took a World Religion course in university and the notes actually said, "Chinese people have epicanthal folds on their eyes..." Like, HOW IS THAT RELEVANT TO ANYTHING?!! Omg, being Chinese at a WASPy institution, I was so offended.

And CNN is crap for SURE--so biased and twisted that I really can't stand people who buy into it. It's like Fox "News"...I really hope you don't get that stupid station. Disgusting. Barf.

Hehe I'm glad you appreciate my babble...I like posting on your site. It's great connecting with you! I'm happy we met. :)
Lotopa said…
Got love the Tongans. But how about the one in Apia that says "Don't speed you idiot". I had to take a picture of that the last time I was home. Now my friends think Samoans have a great sense of humor, but really...
fotu of samoa said…
Chit girl,

OMG I would have been so offended if I had been your class (and I'm not even Asian)... in fact, I'm offended FOR all the Asians. The same sort of thing happens in New Zealand about Samoans and islanders in general, but probably not as blatantly... the ignorance of some people in Western society just keeps on surprising me. Especially people that call themselves academics, and yes, the good old media.

TV is pretty crap in Samoa (lol) we have ONE(!) public TV channel.. that screens local programs and only selected items off the NZ and Australian TV and the BBC mostly... CNN is available on cable.. but I guess I'm not really missing out much there huh? hehe Thank goodness the pirated DVD market is pretty booming here! lol.

Anyways girlie... Thanks again, and it's always cool hearing from you too!



Too true about Samoan humour... I was just baggin' on the Tongans because I'm forever getting jokes about the Samoan that did this stupid thing and the Samoan that made a fool of himself... lol. Have you seen the comedy duo "The Laughing Samoans" - I think they're touring the US at the moment... well if you do get the chance - you should because it is Samoan humour at its best. Fob jokes galore and situations every Samoan can relate to. I think they have a DVD out too.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

Chitney said…
Hahaha yeah baby, pirated stuff is the way to go!

Ugh...I was just replying to someone in my comment section that I also feel offended for other groups, regardless of their relationship to me personally. Like you, I often empathize and see the injustice on behalf of those people.

Also, it's so true what you said about the "ignorant academics". I find their ignorance even more dangerous than that of the average layperson, because academics have the power to influence society with such "authority". And yet so many academics are completely closed-minded and elitist in their arrogance. Scary!!

p.s. It's sad to hear that NZ treat islanders with disrespect. I had no idea. :( BOO!!!
Chitney said…
p.p.s. In terms of the "disrespectful" way NZ'ders treat islanders, I know you said it's not as blatant as what I'm seeing on my side, but I consider even subtle insults to be disrespectful. Actually those are even worse because they're just below the radar and make it impossible to complain about. So underhanded!
fotu of samoa said…
Hey girl,

Yea... Firstly, I totally agree with what you say about ignorant academics, I came across quite a few in my time at Uni.

Also, I don't want you to think ALL NZ'ers treat islanders with disrespect. A major portion of the NZ population is made up of islanders... Just, being an islander FROM the island, I felt somewhat patronised by some comments that were often made about people "from the islands" by NZ born islanders themselves! Sometimes it was "underhanded" as you so aptly put it! Even, unintentional on their part but either way, it shows how narrow their outlook was... which is quite sad for them really.

On a lighter note, I always used to have so much fun talking to people that have a preconceived idea about what islanders were like... A guy once asked me after I'd told him that I was from Samoa - born, bred and raised here.. "So how did you guys get here?" I looked at him with a straight face and said "Our canoe is out back!" And he absolutely believed me! hahaha... Aside from that I get asked if we have traffic lights, if we have cars.. and all that sort of carry on.. hehehe. Sometimes you just have to laugh at people's ignorance and put them right! haha.