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it's not about the bride... it's about US!

On Saturday I went to a Wedding. That of the lovely Malia and her husband Viane. With loads of fun people, the *Mena's out in full force and of course plenty to drink, it had all the makings of fun and joyous occasion. Not even the mild hurricane blowing outside could dampen the spirits of the partygoers. Well, I had fun, it was a lovely, memorable occasion.

*Mena is a top class local designer.

Here are some flicks from the occasion...

Me, Tia and Karene. Work that cleavage girl!
Happy Happy Party People... Henry, Mona, Fitrina, Diana, Scory and Sita.. H with the Open Mouth - what is that? haha.

Me and Tia, looking sufficiently toasted! :)

Sita, Dwayne and I. Notice the transition of my top from a boob tube to halterneck.
Dwayne, me and Tia... Tia and I with our souvenier pens that we wore the whole night. Hahaha..

And this one's to prove that it WAS in fact about the bride and not US! Even though we DID look pretty fabulous... haha.

I need Jesus. Apparently.

Earlier today I saw my Aunt that I like, never see. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why that is. We live about 2 minutes from each other and I never see her. She comes to my house just about every Saturday to drop off religious magazines for me and I'm never there and that's not on purpose either. *Shrugs* Anyways, my Aunt, she's Jehovahs Witness and a devout one at that. I love her to bits, seriously but today we had a somewhat hmmm... I don't want to call it "uncomfortable" discussion about religion. I don't have issues discussing religion, just this time felt uncomfortable. As soon as she saw me, the way she approached me and greeted me I could tell she'd been looking forward to seeing me. I sat and we talked about family and work and stuff, ya know... small talk and then I guess I was caught a little offguard when she started drilling me on the state of my Sprituality. She started asking me questions like "So my dear, how important is…

Pring it on Evil! I bunch yo face!

Amidst the uprise against the Monarch in Tonga ...there is still reason to smile. This is a flick taken from the Tongan Protest March currently being held against the Tongan Monarch...

This is what happens when you skimp on Education and pay for the Annual Royal Holiday to the Swiss Alps. Now I'm certain that whoever was responsible for this sign and claimed it was by a Samoan *points below*was also DEFINETELY Tongan...

Ok, ok.. enough Tongan thrashin' for one afternoon... Hehe. I seriously do support their cause though. Power to the people, I say. Equality for all. I just suppose the weapon of choice won't be a Spelling Bee Showdown huh? Didn't fink so.

I hate LOSING!!!

Ok I admit it.

When it comes to sports (and heaps of other things too), I am SUCH a sore loser! I mean, it's not like I'm going to cause bodily injury to slack players (coz I am one too) if we lose, I'm actually a very gracious loser if it was a hard fought and deserved win to the other team... but I just HATE losing games when people didn't even try. It just seems pointless to play if you don't at least TRY to win.

I went to a school that was academically top-notch but on the sports pitch "atheletically challenged" shall we say. One of my teachers used to say everytime a school team ended up in the bottom pool or got eliminated in the Preliminary rounds (yet again...) "Without players like us, there'd be no winners" True... but what a fucked up way of fostering self esteem!! Losing sucks, don't be proud of it. Full. Stop. lol.

Go hard or go home folks! Yes... I am hard out! lol So I've been playing Business House Netball for the past 2 …

more self centred garbage

I was going to email this... and THEN I changed my mind and decided to blog it.

Hello lovely people...

Ok... yes, it's official - I have nothing better to do with my Monday morning... (actually I do, but I'd rather not) This is just another annoying quiz thingie that self centred people fill out in their never ending quest to "find themselves"... haha. This one doesn't even have particularly interesting questions - that's how sad I am. haha. Anyways here it is - I know you're all just DYING to know more about me... haha... Nah, just for you baby sis.

I do hope your lives are more eventful then mine at this moment...

May we ALL have a productive week...

Always Love

More pointless facts about Me!
Who has kitchen plates that are all one colour anyways? Who the hell cares?

I've just started reading this one book called "Life Penalty"... thriller about a strong woman trying to find he…

random happy thoughts.

I'm listening to only happy music today. None of that depressing slow shit. It means I'm a little trigger happy with my finger on the mouse skipping anything that remotely sounds like a ballad or a slow jam, not that I can't stand it... I'm just only in the mood for more bouncy, corny, poppy sounds (God help me I'm listening to pop music!). Which means of course that I'll spend half the working day rifling through my Media library ... but oh well. *sings* No no no.. don't phunk with my heart...

Who knew it was so frustrating to sharpen a damn pencil? The lead breaks every time it nearly gets sharp enough. I've chucked the entire packet of 10 pencils in the bin, determined not to let it ruin my good mood today. Good riddance to you, you sour little pricks. lol.

Going out tonight... *Grin* I'm in the mood for some serious fun. Better not get too carried away about how much fun it will be in case I jinx it. The best laid plans ... well, they always f*ck…

Miss Teuila or Miss Durr-uila?

The weekend marked the official end of Teuila Week. *tear drop* As fast as it came... it left again, I feel like I didn't quite get out to see it and appreciate it as much as I should have... then again, I'm no tourist, I'll see it again next year... then again, I see myself saying this again next year - ah, its a vicious cycle.

Anyways, the Miss Teuila Pageant was held in the weekend. I scored some good tickets (free ones!) and went to see it, and I'll admit it was actual a good show. Good bordering on not Good, not Good bordering on Great. There were good bits to watch but the show dragged on ... It started at 7 and finished at MIDNIGHT... I suppose that was inevitable with 12 contestants and something like 5 appearances each.

The highlight of the night for me... Interviews! I won't go into gory detail but I will say that I was disappointed with the intellect, or lack of intellect shown by most of the girls at Interview time... The questions were easy enough... an…


I've been in a tough emotional state this past couple of weeks. I've been searching within the deep crevaces of my soul what the source of my angst is. I mean, I think I know, but I'm not sure... and it's been driving me crazy. It's hard to explain - feeling angry, happy, sad, hyper... all in such a small amount of time. Too much damn thinking, that's what it is. An emotional roller coaster ride, and all for no good enough reason.

But, I think I've figured it out. I've realised that, quite possibly, I'm just being dramatic (I know - Eureka huh? haha.. I look so hard sometimes that I miss the point.) Why I'm being dramatic is a separate issue, but embracing that I can and am being one now - it's liberating. Because, it means that in the end - there's not much ACTUALLY wrong, it's just the drama queen in me exercising her vocal cords. And she blows things a little out of proportion. And that's ok. You can't be cool, calm, coll…

in the .:zone:.

A random photo of where I post from mostly... hehe. My desk at work, well, one side of it. I like flowers, yea.

This is the reason I muck around at work so much. Other than the fact that I am a procrastinator by nature.. I have this view from my desk. *Daydreams*

Yet MORE thoughts on love

I hate that I'm still on about this but ... here's more stuff about LOVE *Gag*

Love is not ideal.

It was a lie, it was a most beautiful and exciting lie, but a lie nonetheless.

As I feel the sting of rejection, I ask myself. Was that love?

I know I once said that Love is pain and Love is hurt.

But is it really? I wonder where all the good stuff is?

Love is a word, too often and too easily thrown around with reckless abandon.

People don't say it when they mean it.

People say it when they feel obligated to say it.

If Love conquers all. Then if all is not conquered, does that mean it was not love?

Love is not the same for any two people.

Love is different from being in love. It shouldn't be.

Ideally, love is unbridled, love is all fulfilling, love is everything you want it to be.

But I've learnt, that love is not ideal.

Teuila Festival

The Teuila Tourism Festival is an annual event held on the first week of September in Samoa. It is a showcase of Samoa's culture with competitions and performances galore in traditional sports, food, handicrafts, songs, clothing stalls, handicrafts... all that sort of thing.

This year's one started earlier this week and I've been pretty excited by all the pretty lights and busy atmosphere, especially considering that this is my first Teuila in 3 years. I've taken some (admittedly bad) pics of some stuff going on...

ICT for Empowerment

Yesterday I attended a conference organised by SAWG (Samoa Association of Women Graduates) with the theme "Creating Opportunity and Realising Potential."

They had some speakers in from around the Pacific and locally assemble and give presentations about some pertinent issues in the life of a young woman graduate. As one myself, I decided to go along, meet some people and no doubt learn a thing or two. I was particularly interested in one of the sub topics: ICT for Empowerment.

I took some notes which I'll put up here for my own future reference... They're in no logical order, I just write things as I hear them come when I feel they need to be written down. I got a lot out of it. It really rekindled some of the "save the world" type enthusiasm I had after finishing varsity... the discussion I found particulary fascinating. There's SO much technology can do for the South Pacific but there are so many issues to overcome, and these issues are so particular to…