I'm such an idiot!

Last night, in a panic, I thought I'd lost my cellphone (yet, again)... stumbling around in the dark bedroom trying to find it and to no avail, my panic exacerabating by the second. Fearing the worst, I immediately picked up the land phone and dialled my number, biting my lip in the dark as it rang... I did a quick run around all the rooms I'd been in since I came home - no ringing phone. I came back to the phone and someone had picked up!

"Hello! Hi, I'm looking for my cellphone - who are you? where did you find my phone? Look buddy, you've got my cellphone ok, I need it back... " It all came out in a rush.

The guy on the other end was speaking to me calmly, almost mockingly! "I'm sorry, who would you like to speak to?"

Of course, infuriated by now "Listen, I've lost my cellphone, and I've just called it now and you've picked it up!" I screamed through the phone.

"What's your number?" came the reply.

Annoyed now, I rattled off my number.. feeling the rage in me rise.

The man said to me "Sorry lady, you've got the wrong number ... this is ....53 not ....83"

I apologised profusely over and over again and put down the phone. I laughed at myself for a full 5 minutes, turned on the lights, dialled my CORRECT number and my familiar ringtone screeched less than a foot from where I was standing. Hahaha...
Man... I can be such an IDIOT! hahaha..