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I'm such an idiot!

Last night, in a panic, I thought I'd lost my cellphone (yet, again)... stumbling around in the dark bedroom trying to find it and to no avail, my panic exacerabating by the second. Fearing the worst, I immediately picked up the land phone and dialled my number, biting my lip in the dark as it rang... I did a quick run around all the rooms I'd been in since I came home - no ringing phone. I came back to the phone and someone had picked up!

"Hello! Hi, I'm looking for my cellphone - who are you? where did you find my phone? Look buddy, you've got my cellphone ok, I need it back... " It all came out in a rush.

The guy on the other end was speaking to me calmly, almost mockingly! "I'm sorry, who would you like to speak to?"

Of course, infuriated by now "Listen, I've lost my cellphone, and I've just called it now and you've picked it up!" I screamed through the phone.

"What's your number?" came the reply.

Annoyed now, …


Maybe it's real, maybe it's just the crap weather dampening my mood, but here's more on getting caught up in the web called lust. This one's for my anonymous comment poster.


Don't put up with a man
who wants you AND someone else.
My familiar voice
echoes in my mind.
Yet, here I am.
Standing on forbidden soil.
Without the resolve or desire to walk away.

Never make excuses for a man.
If he's no good then face it.
He's just no good.
I'd preach as if it were the simplest thing.
Here I find myself justifying your actions.
Believing myself saying
"it's not that simple"

If he can do it with you.
He can do it to you.
It's commonspeak among us
strong independent women.
But so easily I gave in.
With full conviction and nil remorse.
I dare not play the victim.

It's against everything I am.
I've always thought that I was better that that.
I'm above stepping in on another girls game.
And I actually believed myself.
Recently, I've realised - I'm…

lust hurts

In the spirit of my previous post concerning matters of the heart, here's some soppy writing by me about foolishly walking into the trap called lust.

I'm really sleepy. I feel kind of strange as I sit here not really knowing where or what time has in store for me. I feel empty. Last night was supposed to be the beginning of the best thing to ever happen to me. Instead, today, I feel empty as I was forced to face harsh reality. My sugar coated imagery has well and truly been reduced to ashes and the fact is, he's with someone else. He loves me, apparently. But the way I see it, if he doesn't love me enough to walk away from her - then he doesn't really love me does he? I'm the last person you'll ever expect to be one of those battered wives that is holding out for "things to get better" when really they just can't walk away from a man that they believe "loves them." Love is so over-rated. Love is pain, love is hurt, love is for idealis…

..:The Truth About Love:..

Like most people I suppose, I seldom understand matters of the heart, but it seems, my kid brother know's it all... haha. Here's a piece by him on "the truth about love", kids these days... they think they know everything!.. hehe. It's quite cute.

...:The Truth About Love:...

What is love?
Is it when you get butterflies in your stomach?
Or is it when you feel you would do anything for that one person?
the truth is love is an overused word that only a min'ute fraction of the world will be blessed enough to experience
The rest of the world is in love with the idea of being in love.
From most females perspectives love is (even though there is much denial) flowers and chocolates accompanied by long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners
From a males point of view, love is a 2 minute event of ecstacy and lust.
The true meaning of love can't be described by unloved/ing poets, novelists, authors e.t.c love Can only be described the people who have been hit by cupid…

Rugby "Players"

I went out last night with my cousin, and had 2 incidents where 2 different guys approached us and said that his friend who's a rugby player 1) in France 2) in the forwards pack of the Manu Samoa (I recognised the guy and he's actual a centre) and 1) is looking for a Samoan girlfriend 2) would really like to talk to 1) me 2) my cousin. We'd just gone down to support a friend's cause and we were enjoying our time on our own discussing important things that girlfriends discuss. Now, not to sound like I'm above a harmless flirt, but lets just say we were flattered, (really!) - but just not interested. And besides, now I'm not psychic but I'm sure enough that it wasn't just conversation these boys were after. So politely, we ran through the the smile and casual brush off procedure. End of story - Not.

As if provoked, both messengers became quite persistent saying "but he plays RUGBY in FRANCE!, He lives there, in FRANCE" or "but this is - (I&#…

Apia, Samoa Temple

Last week I visited the new Mormon Temple... this one replaces one that was lost in flames about 2 years ago, and man, it's bigger and more beautiful then the last one. I've gotten a hold of some flicks to show just how beautiful it is but you really had to be there to appreciate just how magnificent it was. At the moment, I'm in a really shallow, worn mood after a day of (mainly pointless) meetings. So while I'd love to write a long, deep explanation of the "divine spiritual beauty" of the place ... I'll refrain from even trying, because no words I could muster with this half ass frame of mind - would do it justice.

Apia Samoa Temple at night.

The sealing room. The Celestial Room
The Ordinance Room
The Baptism Room Apia, Samoa Temple

Some drunken stupor pics...

Ok so not quite drunken stupor... just a crunky night out on the town with some workmates after working from 8am that morning til 9pm that night... a well deserved crunk up!

Hard at work!

The company I work for sponsored a Golf Tournament (this is about 2 weeks ago) and a lot of staff got called in on the final day of play to man the Sponsor's Tent... some flicks of the occasion. Us, hard at work, or is it hardly working?

Me and Ada's "Lips Shot"
Taking a "bit" to eat home... LOL Take one of the Lips Shot... I wasn't in character yet. Jun, Carol and Me.
Clowning around...
It's a golf ball lodged up in that tree...
" We'll take care of the leftover beer, yup just leave it to us"
Me and Ari

random bursts of my weekend that was

I got diagnosed with Tonsillitis on Friday and was prescribed 3 different types of Antibiotics (yes, I finally conceded and saw a Dr. after I had a ridiculously high fever and felt like a sumo wrestler was standing on my forehead on Thursday night). Needless to say, I was not a happy camper with mountains of work at Friday. I worked on Saturday afternoon and Sunday too. On Saturday afternoon - I had a miraculous recovery after I stopped taking the antibiotics which was took away my body aches but gave me REALLY bad migraines... and stuck to Panadol Rapid and ate lots of ice cream. Good shit.

Shocking announcement to make - I didn't go out clubbing! I was just about to say it would be the first 7 day period that I haven't gone out, since I've been back in Samoa, but that is a lie (hehe) coz I had drinks with Fili on Tuesday for her birthday... but its definitely the first weekend I haven't been out since, I can't even remember when. I thought about it, but Tonsilitis…

At long last!

Pacific nations praise new rugby competition
05 August 2005
Pacific Island nations today welcomed the proposed second-tier international rugby programme and funding approved by the International Rugby Board (IRB) overnight.

New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) chief executive Chris Moller, who was in Cape Town for the IRB meeting, commended the board for the initiative it has taken to develop the game in the region.

The IRB proposes to start a six-team competition for the Junior All Blacks, Australia A, Japan, Tonga, Samoa and Tonga in June-July next year as part of its multi-million dollar project.

It aims to increase the number and competitiveness at tier one, where Argentina, Australia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Wales compete.

Half of the £30 million ($NZ78 million) injection the IRB approved is to go to tier two nations - Canada, Fiji, Japan, Romania, Samoa, Tonga and the United States - to help them compete effectively with the…

Why I decided to change the look of my blog today.

1) I've been wanting to make my blog a little more personalised... I mean, the whole "dots" look I had going before was SO not me. I needed to make it a little more "island girl goes to the beach..." a little more "ME!"

2) I've been wanting to do this for a while but never really had the patience to find my way around the HTML to get things exactly how I want them.

3) After a productive Monday morning of meetings and intense thinking, I decided my brain needed some down time and resorted to mundane doesn't-require-too-much-thought type work for the afternoon.

I wanted something with frangipanis - but couldn't quite find the right one in the 10,000 hits Google gave me.. so I settled for shells - still "island girl goes to the beach" enough for me. I think, I like it better now.