some afternoon amusement

Ok, so its a slow Friday afternoon and I'm browsing the net (deja vu) I came across Zach Braff's blog (the dude in Scrubs that directed and acted in Garden State with Nat Portman) and it made for some humourous reading on a bore of an afternoon... He's quite funny, I imagine him to be a lot like his character on Scrubs coz reading his blog - its the same sort of intelligent-imaginative-so-dorky-its-cool humour *chuckle*.

Here's some lines I ripped off his blog that I found funny...

  • "Ho, ho, ho!" said the pimp calling roll at the morning meeting.
  • "It's 80 degrees in LA, so I'm not really getting my hopes up about a white Christmas. Christmas is also my step-mother's birthday and to be honest I think she's a little pissy she has to share her big day with a Messiah. It's one thing to share it with a celebrity like Anthony Michael Hall or Tanya Harding, but I imagine the celebration of your birth gets upstaged when people are decorating trees in someone else's honor."
  • "Question: Why did piglet look inside the toilet?
    Answer: Coz he was looking for Pooh. " [I liked this one...hehe]
  • "My dog has developed a strut. He lifts his back leg when he walks in what I can only describe as a "Pimp-walk". The vet told me not to worry, he just has Soul. I hink it must be the new found confidence he's acquired from being in some magazines."
  • "I am so tired right now that I am lying down and dictating this post to the burglar I found holding my computer when I arrived home. We made a deal
    that if he typed for me, he could keep my China. And I don't mean dishware; he's a very simple man and I've managed to convince him that I have the power to hand over the Republic of China. I must say however, he's a dynamite typist; I'll bet he'll put my laptop to great use."
  • "I'm going to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Friday night. I'm not really feeling like doing a talk show. note: I never really feel like doing a talk show. It's uncomfortable and nerve-racking and I get nervous. However - The Shins are on. And in my estimation, they are the coolest band in the world. So I am doing the show pretty much so I can hang out with them and fool myself into believing that they might think I'm cool."

Ok, so I ripped heaps off... its still worth a look. Seriously. Yes, I'm bored at work, that and I'll admit, I'm mildly addicted to blogging. can you tell? haha. *pauses and thinks* "Coz he was looking for Pooh..." *bursts out laughing again*

Thanks Zach Braff.


Peter said…
One of these days I'd like to visit Samoa. Anyhow, I enjoyed stopping by your corner of cyberspace.

Stay Gold!
fotu of samoa said…
Hey thanks for that. Hope you do get to visit Samoa some day.

Tofa Soifua. [Farewell and Good Health]
Lotopa said…
That's awesome that you like Zach Braff. I think he's amazingly witty.

Fa laia