I am

i am: making a difference in this country… not really, I’m just bored at work.
i think: too little, too often. lol
i know: I will get better at doing my job with time.. this should be for I hope.
i have: a low tolerance for fake people.
i wish: I could BE at the Lions and All Blacks game tonight.
i hate: smoking
i miss: my family, speshly when I’m broke. lol
i fear: the unknown and those ugly ass seasnake looking things.
i feel: relieved its Friday afternoon and I don’t have work in the morning.
i hear: my colleagues AM radio, the hum of the Air Con, and the ticking of the clock
i smell: the sesame sauce I spilt on my collar from lunch.
i crave: Vailima after a run… lol
i search: for answers, when really I should figure out the questions.
i wonder: who will win the game tonight.
i regret: nothing, I’m not too pleased about some past decisions, but no regrets.
i love: my family, rugby and a good laugh.
i long: for my own ride.
i care: about people, about my job and about which rugby team you support… lol
i always: think about doing things and then forget to do them. Doh!
i am not: on time, ever.
i believe: in the Man upstairs, in myself and in true love…lol
i dance: all the time!
i sing: even though people tell me I shouldn’t! lol
i cry: when I’m sad.
i do not always: return your call… lol
i fight: when I have to.
i write: when I feel like it.
i win: when I want to bad enough.
i lose: my cool – when the ref sucks.
i confuse: myself mostly
i listen: to Elvis… but shhh.. don’t tell. lol
i'm happy about: my life right now.
i expect: too much from myself and too little from others.
i should: relax more. (yeah right. lol)
i pretend: like I don’t care, but I do.
i like: someone ;)


aH-jEss said…
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aH-jEss said…
Oooo... "someone" *so exciting!!!*
fotu of samoa said…
lol.. Jess. Hey, Sonny Bill Williams is 'someone'!