savai'i chapter: of dreadlocks and kneegrazes

of dreadlocks and knee grazes
Last night I ended my prayer with: “… may you bless my family and grant me good guidance. I pray for peace and sunny days. Amen.” God doesn’t fail me. I woke up this morning and voila! Blazing hot sunny day. I’ve just had a swim and even after a shower my skin still has that sticky, salty quality. The sunshine is reflecting off the dry white sand making my salty eyes squint and cry a bit. My knee is stinging as a single drop of blood trickles down my shin. Being thrashed about by the tide as I swam this morning I swam square into a batch of coral and rock. To think I’ve swam at this beach hundreds of times before! Mind you, this fresh cut surrounds several other similar ones that are of the same and similar origin. My skin feels icky and my cut hurts. And my hair, man, the sun and salt damage to my hair is friggen unbelievable! Hopefully not beyond repair. They could pass for dreadlocks right about now! I subconsciously add ‘hair damage control’ to my mental list of things to do when I get back to Apia (In between find a job and lose weight! haha) I take a deep breath and look out at beach and feel the billowing breeze on my icky skin and damaged hair. I notice the trees swaying lightly and admire the countless shades of blue and green in the ocean before me. I gaze out at the sea, glistening like a blanket of blue sequins or diamonds as the suns reflection dances on its surface. As I listen hard and hear only the melodic crashing of the waves pushing dead coral and smoothed stones about on the powder white sandy beach – my dreadlocked, grazed mental checklist gets swept out to sea. Even if just for this moment, God has answered all my prayers.