mission flightless eagle

Well, much to my dismay... my holiday was abruptly cut short. I got a phone call from my family in Apia on Monday morning. "Oh hey, SamoaTel called, you've got a job interview here today at 3pm." Ok, now that was at 11.30am, it would have been impossible to get me there in time. Well, not impossible, but the state of untidiness, unpreparedness and motion-sickness I'd be in would severely diminish any chance I had at the job. So I called them, and they agreed to rescheduled for 3pm - the next day!

Now, I've never been renowned for my promptness, I'm forever on "island time" (i.e. late) - yup thats me, I shamelessly admit it. So Gawd it was a mission to meet that appointment. To make matters worse, I didn't really want to go... call it fear, or call it... well, fear. The prospect of being drilled by some people that knew way way way more than me terrified the nuts off of me. So I sat there like an eagle perched for its first flight - but unwilling to fly.

*Deep Breath* I decided to pick up my fat ass, suck it up, and jump headfirst off the cliff and hope to god I fly before ... Splat!

This here email I sent to my sister and cousin that day explains how, I'll call it Mission Flightless Eagle, went.

Hey Sistras,

Well, me is tanned, seriously, my face is bright pink from all the kaelega sami. Oh yurr... I just got back from spending 10 days at Vaisala... mmmm.. nice and chilled back. No fusses, no stinky job search or money worries. Just me, the beach and my bikini! hahaha.. Don't Hate!

Anyways, I just got back today... man, Fili called me up yesterday and was like.. hey, you got a job interview today at 3.. and I'm like ~ hellloooo! I'm in Savaii!.. Sheesh. Anyways, I called them and rescheduled it for today.. and man what a mission to get here in time.

Last night, against my better judgement, I let Vaaiva 'co-erce' me into having a couple of farewell drinks. A couple turned into a whole bunch of Baileys, Jim Beam and too much Vailima! We had to catch the morning ferry and I woke up with the maddest, ugliest, head-ache!! And having drawn the short straw, I had to get up early and drive all the way to Salelologa. Bro, you ain't seen me and my Schumacher moves! I was flying down to catch the boat, did the usual hour and a half drive in about 40 mins! Which we just made, and it was the Fotu-O-Samoa 2... which I could probably swim faster then!! The ride over was hell. Man, the roughest waves! I threw up til I had nothing left in my tummy to throw up! Gawd it was one of the grossest moments of my life! We drove in from the wharf (another shortened long ass drive), I got home, showered and in my mad rush to make it on time coz noone in the house had a bloody watch, I ended up wearing this ugly puletasi I'm in now. Damn, I've been trying to stop my ie from falling all fricken afternoon!!! Then I get in the cab to rush to my 3 o'clock appointment, and I ask the driver and he says its only 2pm... and I'm motion-sick, sea-sick, lookin' like a lobster in friggen UGLY ass outfit with my ie falling, half way to my first ever serious job interview... I was looking at the heavens going "Kill me now!"

Anyways, despite all the trauma that was involved in getting me there, I decided to pick up the shattered pieces of my sanity and just see it through and do my best. So thats exactly what I did... and guess what? It actually went ok. *smile* Not that I'm sure I got the job. But just the teeniest bit of me knows that it doesn't really matter, coz I had answers for every question and my ie didn't fall off once! Oh the relief. Its true what they say, its good to get the first one out of the way... Phew!

Well, gotta fly... just had to rant about my eventful day. You guys be good now! hehe... and write me back, like, now! :)

Luff you full speed no kaofis!!!

your big sis

That was the day before yesterday. And I'm so relieved that my stupid interview went ok, well it must have... Coz I got the job! And on top of that, the Hurricanes showed those Blues how to play rugby last night!! Har har har! Life is good.