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flu stricken and gut coughin'

Listening to Santeria. By Sublime.
Feeling: Sick as a dog. No lie.

Give me drugs!
We got back into Auckland on Sunday night... We drove up, left Welly at about 11 and chugged on up. Somewhere along the way, I'm guessing somewhere between Taupo and Tokoroa I caught this nasty cold, or rather it decided to show itself then. Now, I hardly ever get sick, I'm a pretty healthy girl, but at the moment... My throat feels like its died and gone to hell, my nose is stuffed to the hilt and I'm coughing so much it feels like my head will roll right off my shoulders with my next cough. Ugh.. I feel yucky. I've been eating bloody cough drops, which aren't doing anything to help, in fact, I swear they're only making me worse. but after the first 20 I've come to crave cool hit it gives. The come down's a bitch though, coz I feel worse after but I can barely resist myself from ripping open another packet of Menthol and Eucalyptus Throaties lozenges to put me out of my mi…

Graduation May 2005

I've been back in New Zealand now for about 5 days. It was a blardy mission to get here, almost didn't get in here at all. I suppose its really my fault for leaving it to the day before we wanted to come to try and get good fares, book and issue tickets.. teehehe. Oh well, we' here now aren't we! And I say 'we' because I flew over with my partner in crime in Samoa ~ cousin Fili. Got in last Sunday and decided to do the drive down to Wellington on Tuesday. I'm here, in fact we're all here in Wellington for my long awaited Graduation ceremony. It was a ladies road trip with Mom behind the wheel, me taking up the coveted Supakako role and the other too (Ida and Fili) being useless and snoozing in the back most of tha way. Stayed the night in Taupo on the way down and got into Wellington on Wednesday. Yesterday (Thursday) was Grad and this how the day went...

Time: 2am
I was busting a groove in Gogo Bar, Courtenay Place and I was thinking "Damn, its lat…

Savai'i Pikchas