drinking in the dark

Sounds: Lyric ~ "Don't worry about a thing, coz every little thing is gonna be alright..."
Feeling: *Yawn* Tired.

Sitting here in the midst of Apia morning, yawning and tired from the past weeks 'episodes' shall we call them. Been going out, err.. quite a bit. I'm not sure how I even afford to go out considering I don't have a job or a parent to bludge off... I guess I survive "aua le alofa tunoa" or literally translated "out of pure and endless love"... actually translated as the unofficial dole!! While I'd say being on any kind of dole hardly suits anybody... being poor and unemployed and on the unofficial dole has its perks, like ~ no job stress or assignment deadlines to chase, the excuse that you're "on a break" and you'll find work um...soon! and of course there's being able to live off the "alofa tunoa." haha... I can't believe I'm justifying having no job... oh well, for the mean time.. I'm just gonna be drinking here in the dark k, away from all the bread-winners.

Me and MJ... haha