DIY Makeover

So my one minute blog story... I decided to give myself a DIY haircut! Much to my cousin's shock horror.. who didn't tell me not too but was giving me madly disapproving looks as I searched for the nearest snipper. So I went ahead with it anyway... after all ~ its hair, it grows back. The effect ~ I wasn't unhappy with it, but my cousin reckons I look like I'm "from New Zealand." Now if you know me.. You'll vouch that I'm absolutely a 'local' to the core, I'm a walking billboard for Samoa and have a thing or two to say about people that claim to be Samoan... its a whole nother blog but the point is ~ the comment that I'm from anywhere other than Samoa, is against who I am, it's practically everything I'm NOT! So I brushed it off, and scoffed "Yeh watever ... I like it."

Confident that I'm every bit the 'local' off we went.. glamm'd up and out on the town.. as 2 single girls do on a Saturday night.

The night was good so far, until in the bathrooms at Bad Bills, waiting for cousin Fili to come out of the bathroom.. this girl comes up to me and asks me... "So, are you from New Zealand?!"


Shorzay said…
Sup babie!
I love the new look! U look so good, I wanna be yo Much luv-
Ya poor freezin shortie boo :)
fotu of samoa said…
LOL... Fankies... I'll send you an application to be my fren and please submit with a week's time.. LOL..

Heart Yooh!