...morning after...

Sounds: Lyric ~ "when ya hear this song ya know its on baby gurl"
Feeling: yucky morning after boozy night Ugh feeling..

Well, 5 posts later... then new day finally dawns, lol. Tis the day after a big night out ~ oh so familiar. I feel pretty yucky, yucky hair and skin... just 'ugh.' Strange to think this is the last time I'll have this feeling in Wellington *Sigh*. I've definetely had some crazy crunky funky nights out in Wellington city...

Just some flash backs:
On my birthday! One of me and the boys [one and half of them anyway]

Drinks with the crew! These people have my back ~ fo' life!

With one of my girls ~ In the heart of Courtenay Place on a ladies night out

Ladies night again... On the prowl! lol

Wellington Sevens night! In the mile long queue....................

After Graduation with my best girl Tia! [This girl needs a tan!]

Drinks with with baby sister and George.

That's just a few random snapshots while out on the town in Wellytown... GoOoOd Times ~ Fa Sho'!!

Last night was my good friend Tocha's 20th birthday and it was no exception. Because I had dinner with another friend [and coz I wouldn't be me if I wasn't late] I arrived at a time that I thought was 'fashionably late.' Everyone was pretty 'toasted' when I arrived! Or at least gettin' pretty hot already.. When people are drunk ~ often the comic in them surfaces and honest to WHO its the funniest shit ever.

Look its a birdie..

Anyways ~ it was a good night... HILARIOUS! Happy Birthday Tocha! Bless you and Bless the Wellington Night Life and the people that make it Crunk'n Goooood!

Anyways ~ need to de-ugh-ify myself...

...peace and prayers to all this easy Sunday...