I arrived safely and soundly back into Paradise... we had a good flight ~ we stopped in Tonga on the way... I just realised I've been to Tonga 4 times in transit in the last year and I've never really been to Tonga... weird huh. Anyways ~ like I was saying, we had a good flight ~ the inflight meal, Lamb Straganoff I think it was was rather yummy... I was only midly disappointed that when I picked up what I thought was an orange lolly, it turned out to be a mango one... not that I've got anything against mangoes ~ I just prefer the real stuff to the lollies and Man I love orange lollies!

I stepped off the plane... and as expected I was slammed by hot wind, warm rain and humidity that was mildly suffocating! I could feel the remnants of Cyclone season still heavy in the air... I knew I was home. Cousins Tate, TIti and Fili came to wait for me at the airport ... which was a relief coz the whole way over I kept thinking how much I'd hate to waste 40 bucks of my scarce cash on a cab home. I was one of the first out of the plane and in my rush to get out before the throes [I was on the same flight as all the performers that went over for Pasifika festival] I thought I'd be sweet getting my 4 bottles of liqour through customs even though the legally allowed limit was 1 bottle, after all I'd done it before... har har. Turns out, I over estimated the hospitality of the customs officers who wanted me to pay duty on the rest of my bottles... [ I KNEW I should have stashed them in my bag dammit] So I ended up paying duty on 2 of the bottles and smiled and said 'Just chocolates' when the officer asked what was in the other bag even though it was clinking and looked amazingly like a bottle of Absolut... hardy har har!

Well... so homeward bound were we in the trusty Hilux... Filchie and I blabbing away in the back seat catching up on lost time... windows down AND air con on... the whole way home I was utterly conscious of not wearing a seatbelt!! *Screams* We stopped along the way for a hit of Coke [Coca Cola folks]... It always tastes so much better in Glass bottles... Yummy yummy for my [fadass] tummy tummy...

Did the good ole family updates with Auntie Pae... Yes Bobby almost lost his badge, but he went for breakfast with David Tua and he thinks he's a big boy... Ete is still doing feaus and I THINK he's grown a bit, still black as a nigga though.. both him and Bobby [haha] and Ida... she's working hard at Uni and with her game, tryna do it all ~ including the partying and all that important stuff... *winks*... heaps of that and then I couldn't sleep without a cold shower coz ~ GODDAYUM its hot...

This morning while I'm half awake, its still dark outside and fo' reals its like I've brought a Cyclone with me in my cruddy little suitcase. It's windy and rainy and cloudy outside... All you can hear is the loud sound of the rain slamming against the corrugated iron roofs of the houses in Fagali'i. I lie there thinking ~ Honestly, have I got shit luck if this is a cyclone. As I drift in and out of sleep I hear Fili say that we're feeling the edges of a cyclone that's in Fiji at the moment. Hope its not hitting too badly over there but I gotta say ~ better you then us. lol [Is that a mean thing to say?]

As the morning progresses, the rain starts to calm down and the winds begin to subside... Malama is already digging into her easter eggs I brought at Pak n Save. Soon after, Fili and the kids cab off to work/ school and I'm sitting at home wondering what the hell I'm going to do with myself today ... ?!? Noelani arrives in her breakfast in tow and an innocently evil little smiles that tells me she'll keep me busy today. She doesn't recognise me at first but soon enough she's screaming at me to come down and have breakfast. Auntie Mata arrives with little Simi and Noelani follows him around insisting on showing him how to do everything... oh its to be a long day watching these two.

I run off for a quick minute to play with my new toy. Got me a new Digital Video Camera ... coooool huh. I can finally take some pics and show 'em to people freezing their butts off in the harsh winter. No worries, I'll take it to the beach and to Savaii and to ... muahahaha.

Well ~ I've come into town to email important peeps and sort out some shizzo that I need to get sorted... weird being *ahem* Unemployed... lol. But being home ~ its the same old... Flash Government cars driving by outside being overtaken by loud, rickety bombs with tennis balls and paint jobs. People with puletasis and real flower seis walking by and tourists and LMS Missionaries checking their emails in the cafe. You can hear the base of the speaker of some cab in the distance blaring RSA or Aniseto or another local Talofa FM chart-topper... It's like I never left. Its good to be home.