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sucky job search

Sounds: Lyric ~ "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me" (lol)
Feeling: Lazy... like I should be doing something other than job hunting!

*Deep Breath* Well, I've decided to put a conscious effort into making myself employed in the not so distant future. Hence, my heave-ho effort over the weekend to devote more than 5 minutes a day to working on my CV, which is now complete (Yay!) Now I've realised I have to work on a damn cover letter for the stupid thing.. Aarghh... Anyways ~ I've decided to share my sorrows with all of nobody and blog it for all out there, haha..

A really good job came up yesterday which sounded just about perfect for me ~ well, the most perfect one thats come up since I really started looking for a job 3 days ago.. ha! Anyways... one problemo ~ the applications for it are due TODAY! Just my luck eh? Well, as ill-prepared as my CV/ Cover letter will be for it, I've decided to throw one at it anyway and keep on doin' what I…

pics like finally

Yurr here they are at long last...

So my first weekend back I decided to hit Lalomanu Beach, Aleipata.

Sunset Shots

Some beach shots

Took plenty of photos of the kids and muah...
Here's cousin Simi

Niece Noelani

Me and the girls

Lani and Auntie Pae

With some of the boys...

My First Night out in Samoa... Monday Night (I arrived on Sunday Night.. lol) ~ My ching ching buddies ~ Patrick & Trisha

A random shot of just me

My little guys..

Me and the little ladies again

The kiddies

Thats all I've got time to post at the mo'... More to come later

Have a Peaceful Sunday :o) and Happy Easter!

settling in

Sounds: the hum of the air conditioner and the sound of cars driving past on a busy morning in downtown Apia.
Feeling: Cool at last!

so its been a minute since my last post... well, about a week. I've spent the last week doing lots of nothing! Meeting with family and friends and being quizzed on job prospects and future plans [both of which I have very vague ideas]. It's been good. Catching up with friends, visiting favourite places, eating favourite foods... all that good stuff you do at home.

The highlight of my week has definetely been my visit to Lalomanu in the weekend.. Trooped off with Auntie Tevi and Uncle Sam and a whole following of nieces and nephews. Needless to say... the beach was beautiful. I'll get pics up soon to prove it!

Well, just a short one today... Just to say. I'm still unemployed..haha.. But I'm fine and its great here!

Much Alofas.


I arrived safely and soundly back into Paradise... we had a good flight ~ we stopped in Tonga on the way... I just realised I've been to Tonga 4 times in transit in the last year and I've never really been to Tonga... weird huh. Anyways ~ like I was saying, we had a good flight ~ the inflight meal, Lamb Straganoff I think it was was rather yummy... I was only midly disappointed that when I picked up what I thought was an orange lolly, it turned out to be a mango one... not that I've got anything against mangoes ~ I just prefer the real stuff to the lollies and Man I love orange lollies!

I stepped off the plane... and as expected I was slammed by hot wind, warm rain and humidity that was mildly suffocating! I could feel the remnants of Cyclone season still heavy in the air... I knew I was home. Cousins Tate, TIti and Fili came to wait for me at the airport ... which was a relief coz the whole way over I kept thinking how much I'd hate to waste 40 bucks of my scarce cash…

leaving today

Sounds: Lyric ~ "... maybe we'll live and learn, maybe we'll crash and burn ... ... you and I, we're just ordinary people"
Feeling: ... Hopeful

I've only just warmed my seat here and already today is my last day in New Zealand ~ crazy how time flys. Looking back [as I so often do on here.. lol]I guess its true what they say all good things come to an end. Its strange I feel that way because I've got lots to look forward to in terms of finding my first job and starting to earn some damn money... which is pretty much what I've been looking forward to my whole life ~ holding my own, goin' places... and all that jazz. I feel hopeful about it I guess. All my expectations of this moment were that I'd be ready to change the world, make a difference and all that naive new graduate cliche crap ... yet on the eve of it ~ the best I can muster is that I'm feelin 'hopeful' about the future ... !?! I suppose hopeful is better than regretful. …

cinderella thoughts

Sounds: Lyric ~ "Be hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today, let this music take you away..."
Feeling: Just Good.

*Wipes forehead* Cinderella duties have been keeping me busy these last few... [OMG I went 2 days without posting! lol] *Sigh* It feels quite strange no longer being a varsity student.. and it feels quite scary having finished and thinking ~ well, ok now what? ... I actually kind of some sort of hazy idea that might be considered a plan, I'm a onlyl tad worried that I don't have it all imprinted in my mind and document in case I forget, but if there's anything I learnt in 6th Form English reading of Mice and Men its: the best laid plans, gaft 'a gley [sp?] or translated.. The best laid plans often go wrong. So thats my excuse for throwing caution to the wind and venturing forward semi-clueless. And besides, I've only just finished ~ my brain desperately needs some R & R. So I'm kind of at this "in between" stage of having finis… dorkland...

Sounds: Lyric ~ "Amor no es amor, its just an illusion that I have in my heart"
Feeling: Like a contradiction ~ sad but happy, excited but upset.

Today has been a madd rush day... My last day in Wellington and my first in Auckland! Took care of most of my moving bizniss today. Boxed and packed the other half of my stuff today, called the freight company today, called Salvation Army today, cleaned and had my place inspected today!... It was a classic last minute 'Fotu Job.' I can't belive I actually left Wellington! *Screams* Not that its a great big deal, coz I'll be back there in May for Graduation ~ but as my friend Mish would say its "symbolic." [teehehe] I guess, only now does it really feel like I've finished Uni and the stark reality of being homeless and unemployed in Samoa is starting to become apparent... *Hyperventilating* lol.

That aside, I am SO happy to be in Auckland, as much as I dislike the place... [for no good enough reason oth…

one more sleep

Sounds: Lyric ~ "Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need, baby good love and protection.."
Feeling: Much Cleaner [hehe]... Reflective.

*Sigh* I'm hit by a twinge of sadness as I sit on my bed in my half packed room on my last night in Wellington. I've got one more sleep and then I fly up to Auckland tomorrow evening. I'm seriously looking forward to Auckland, the family, my baby brothers and my sister, the folks ~ we're rarely under one roof these days with me being based in Wellington and Ida [previously] being based in Samoa. Now I'm on my way home and Ida is in Auckland with the rest of the famaree. I'm thinking about how mine and my sister's paths seem to only cross for 1 week periods. At least its been that way for the last 2 and a bit years or so.. It's sort of been the same for me and my brothers and parents. So having all 6 family members under one roof, is pretty rare ~ I think you could count the number of times…

...morning after...

Sounds: Lyric ~ "when ya hear this song ya know its on baby gurl"
Feeling: yucky morning after boozy night Ugh feeling..

Well, 5 posts later... then new day finally dawns, lol. Tis the day after a big night out ~ oh so familiar. I feel pretty yucky, yucky hair and skin... just 'ugh.' Strange to think this is the last time I'll have this feeling in Wellington *Sigh*. I've definetely had some crazy crunky funky nights out in Wellington city...

Just some flash backs:
On my birthday! One of me and the boys [one and half of them anyway]

Drinks with the crew! These people have my back ~ fo' life!

With one of my girls ~ In the heart of Courtenay Place on a ladies night out

Ladies night again... On the prowl! lol

Wellington Sevens night! In the mile long queue....................

After Graduation with my best girl Tia! [This girl needs a tan!]

Drinks with with baby sister and George.

That's just a few random snapshots while out on the town in Wellytown... GoOoOd Time…

... the love is always there...

I just had a rather touching conversation with a family member, which has put me in a "touchy feely 'I heart everybody'" sort of mood... [Run for cover! lol] Family dramas happen, those testing times reveal the true strength of what love really is, they make you appreciate your life so much more and make you a better, stronger person to face the next challenge life deals you.

To my special cuzzie, and all daughters everywhere: ...however bad it may seem, the love is always there...

coz packing sucks...

coz I'm straight tired of packing, I've come to dispell the rumours that I am an EVIL older sister for not having pics of a younger sibling... here is my baby baby bro and me ~

and just in case there's still some doubt... here he is again the little Skuks!

I heart ya little guy!

john constantine...

OMG ~ before I forget... Just watched Constantine ~ and it was the shizzo! Despite that John Constantine reminded me scarily of Neo... it was pretty good. The fact that I REALLY liked it might be due to the fact that I haven't been to a movie at the cinema in about 3 months, and I was the one vote against seeing Constantine that day coz I thought it would suck... but yeh ~ It didn't. So so I don't have no Oscar to give but it gets *CLIX* from me!

coz I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Whoa! 2 posts in 1 morning! lol... I'm wondering how long I can keep this up ~ hopefully my interest doesn't taper off and go swimming down the gutter when the novelty wears off... Just in case, I suppose I should milk my 'hey this is pretty cool' moments while I got 'em...

Well tis rather early [yeh 9.30 is early if you slept at 5.30!] ~ but sleep and me don't seem to be gettin' along too well these days... or at least not in Wellington anyway. I'm hoping Auckland will dish me a tad more rest then Wellington has as of late... Welly, I love you to bits but you're mean to me sometimes... lol. So the state of my life: Well, I suppose an update about something other than mindless babble is in order ~

I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand ~ I've been here for the past 3 years [and a bit...] sluggin' my guts out at Vic Uni of Wellington [hey ~ if I get up in the morning that's something gut sluggin' for me] and now my time is up ~ di…

newbie blogger on the block

Hollah Hollah...

... Well, I'm completely virgin to this whole blog deal, so treading carefully at the mo'... Yay! My first blog! I can't help but feel a slight sense of elation at having finally gotten round to setting this up! [I'm easily amused yeh]. How'd I end up on here? Well, it was brought to my attention by a friend, and considering I'm just about to leave lots of good friends to return to others I haven't seen much of and pass more along the way ~ the whole 'stay in touch with friends' buzz is kinda what I'm feelin' ya know... Anyways its friggen 4.10am... I best stop this madness and get back to aimlessly searching for sleep as a long days packing awaits my in the sunshine hours... Just wanted to get this first blog off on his way ~ I think he'll be alright now... Alrightey ~ Welcome to my life I guess, or rather, my so called life...

Peace, Love and Respect